7 Inspiring Tree Stump Garden Decor Ideas

 Homiful.comThe tree stump is the base of the tree that is still left behind. Or it can be said to be the remains of tree felling. It is usually allowed to stay because it is difficult to get rid of. Instead of assuming that tree stumps are annoying, you should use tree stumps for good things. As below that will be presented to you.

Pollinator garden in the old tree stump


This tree stump is used as a place for the pollinator garden. To be protected, you can install a barrier around the tree stump so that the pollinator garden inside can be well protected.

Tree stump as decoration of bench


Adding d├ęcor to the seating is a good idea for a tree stump. You can circle the stump of this tree with a bench as in the picture. Or decorate and design according to your taste so that the stump area of this tree looks slick, eye-catching, and of course comfortable.

Pretty DIY tree stump garden


This tree stump which is still rather tall can also be designed neatly and creatively. You can create a garden around the stump of this tree for a beautiful and fresh finish. Put some plants or potted plants around the tree stump. Then decorate the stump area of this tree in order to improve the aesthetics of the garden.

Good set of tree stump garden near the fence


Designing a tree stump garden near the fence is also a good thing. With a neat arrangement, you can make the garden in the area near this fence appear stunning. In order to have a clear barrier, use barriers such as stone, brick, or wood so that the garden is better maintained and not easily stepped on because the barrier is not clear.

Colorful flowers grow on tree stump


Growing colorful plants or flowers on tree stumps is the right thing to do. Usually, tree stumps have gloomy accents because of their old color and shape. However, with varied plants or colorful flowers growing on it, this will certainly give a bit of color and a nice effect to the tree stump garden.

Cute birds home on a tree stump


Making a birdhouse on a tree stump is also a good thing. You can hang or place a birdhouse around the stump of this tree and arrange it neatly. Make the birdhouse have a bright color so that it does not match the stumps of trees that have an old color.

Minimalist succulents on tree stump


Adaptable succulents can certainly grow in the stump area of this tree. You can choose some succulents to plant on the tree stumps. Then arrange it neatly so that the garden looks beautiful and stunning.

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