How to Plant and Grow Gazanias

How to Plant and Grow Gazanias -- Because of its exceptional heat and drought tolerance, gazania is a very easy plant to grow. It features gorgeous flowers that are 4 inches across and available in a variety of colorful hues.

The most popular gazanias are annuals with larger flowers, brighter colors, and slightly larger leaves with silvery-white undersides. They also bloom more often and for a longer period of time. 

Perennials variety, on the other hand, have simpler color schemes—blooms, which appear only in the summer, are often a single hue with little patterns. They also have significantly smaller blooms and more leaves in general.

Plant Overview


GENUS NAME :  Gazania


PLANT TYPE : Annual, Perennial

LIGHT :  Sun

HEIGHT :  6 to 6 inches

WIDTH :  6 to 12 inches

FLOWER COLOR :  Orange, Pink, Red, White, Yellow

FOLIAGE COLOR :  Blue/Green, Gray/Silver

SEASON FEATURES :  Fall Bloom, Summer Bloom

SPECIAL FEATURES :  Attracts Birds, Good for Containers, Low Maintenance

ZONES :  10, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9

PROPAGATION :  Division, Seed

PROBLEM SOLVERS :  Drought Tolerant, Groundcover

How and When to Plant Gazania


Give gazanias as much sun as possible, preferably full sun. Because these plants are heat and drought hardy, they flourish in both coastal and dry regions. Gazanias thrive in almost every setting, from container gardens to trailing groundcover. 

They make wonderful pathway edging plants. Gazanias will grow as long as they get bright sunlight for the most of the day.

Plant gazania in well-draining soil in early spring. The pH level is unimportant as long as the soil is mostly dry. Plant gazania in pots rather than directly in the ground if your soil is heavy.

Plant Care Tips 


These hardy plants don't require much attention or care. They prefer the sun and usually dry soil, therefore they thrive in rocky garden areas and high-heat places with plenty of cement or stone.

- Light : Full and as much sunlight as possible

- Soil and Water : Gazania loves sandy, loose soil that drains well. pH (7) neutral, but will survive on more alkaline soil. To avoid excess watering, keep the soil dry most of the time and water early in the day.

- Temperature and Humidity : Gazania prefers hot, dry weather with low humidity. In tropical areas, they can grow as perennials. If it turns cold in your garden, cover your plants with mulch to help keep it from chill.

Fertilizer : There's no need to fertilize gazania.

Pruning, Potting and Repotting Gazania


Pruning perennial gazanias should be done in early spring. If the plants start to seem spindly or weathered, cut them back to approximately a third of their original height. It may take some time for them to grow back, but when they do, they will appear better. Deadhead gazania on a regular basis by pinching off old flowers to create way for new ones.

Gazania is simple to cultivate in pots. Gazania cultivated from seeds in pots performs well as well. Plant them along the pot's edges to highlight their trailing qualities. Gazanias in pots can be carried indoors to overwinter.

Pests and Problems


Other than normal garden pests, gazanias have few pests or diseases. Keep a watch out for mealybugs on indoor plants, and keep the soil dry to prevent root rot.

Propagate Gazania


Gazania usually grows from seed, however stem cuttings can be used to propagate the plant. Take multiple cuttings with sharp pruners at the plant's base where there is fresh growth. Plant them in potting soil-filled pots. Grow them in bright sunshine inside. Plant in the garden in the spring.

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