Bizarre Houseplants that You Can Have for Powerful Decorations -- Plants are one of the most widely used decorations in the house. This is of course not without reason. Having plants in the house will make the house feel cooler and give it a livelier look. 

However, this time the idea of decorating with plants appears different by giving an interesting touch to the house using some of the following bizarre plants. Check out Bizarre Houseplants that You Can Have for Powerful Decorations.

Nepenthes × ventrata

The first plant you can have is a carnivorous plant that has a pouch and will give a different look to your room. They are easy-care and tolerant making them suitable even for beginners. In addition, these plants will help clean up insects around your home.

Dischidia nummularia 'Pangolin Kisses'

With its unique leaves, this plant will be a decorative addition that will make many people wonder when they see it. When you have it, place it in a bright area with moderate watering. Use a soil mix that is coarse and has good drainage.

Crassula muscosa

Crassula muscosa is native to Africa and is classified as a succulent that likes warm areas and infrequent watering. They look unique because of their elongated leaves and multiple stalks. It would be beautiful to place it in a clay pot as it will appear desert-like.


At first glance, monstera has unusual leaves with holes that make it appear strange yet beautiful. Monstera is now a popular house plant and even owned by all plant lovers. For a more unique look, you can have the variegated variety with random white parts.

Ogre Ears Crassula Ovata

This is one of the most attractive succulent varieties with a trumpet-like shape with reddish tips. They grow uniquely and will make an impressive decoration when you grow them thickly in pots.





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