7 Best of Pretty and Unique Anthurium You Can Collect

7 Best of Pretty and Unique Anthurium You Can Collect 

Homiful.com -- Anthuriums are an outstanding addition to any indoor garden because of their own attractive leaves. The genus is quite diverse, with species of various colors, sizes, and forms. Let's check the "7 Best of Pretty and Unique Anthurium You Can Collect" are listed below.

Anthurium ‘Dark Moma’


Anthurium 'Dark Moma' is the hybrid between Anthurium warocqueanum and Anthurium papillilaminum. It has velvety green foliage with golden venation that is dense and velvety. The leaves can grow to be about 12"-16" long. 'Dark Moma' thrives in strong, indirect light, such as that provided by a window. Eastern-facing windows with milder morning sun are also great.

Anthurium Clidemioides


Anthurium clidemioides stands out by its unique bullate leaves. The blister-like swellings on the leaves provide a lot of texture and give the plant an unusual look. Clidemioides need greater humidity levels due to their native habitat circumstances. They are terrarium-friendly, but not for beginners because to the plant's difficult maintenance and exact care.

Anthurium Luxurians


Anthurium luxurians is one of the most expensive Anthurium types due to its rarity and aesthetic charm. Luxurian, as the name suggests, seems extremely luxurious with its gleaming green leaves with blister-like texture. Light green juvenile leaves grow into dark green. 

It grows natively in Colombian jungles, but it may also thrive as a houseplant under the correct conditions. The plant prefers constant humidity of 70% and bright, indirect sunshine. It cannot withstand midday heat, so keep it in a cool spot throughout the summer.

Anthurium ‘Ace of Spades’


Anthurium 'Ace of Spades' is a well-known plant with large, striking leaves. The leaves are heart-shaped, with deep venation and a velvety surface. Depending on the maturity of the leaves, the leaf color can range from green to burgundy. The price of the plant rises with the size of the leaf, which can grow to be two feet tall and broad.

 'Ace of Spades' would prefer a room with strong, indirect sunshine. It's also nice to sit in front of an eastern-facing window with a pleasant early sun. Given the aroid's tropical nature, maintaining high humidity is essential. To ensure a consistent growth rate, use a well-drained potting mix with appropriate moisture levels.

Anthurium Cutucuense


Anthurium cutucuense does not fit the description of an ordinary Anthurium. Instead of heart-shaped leaves, the plant has distinctive trisect leaves with a bullate texture. It is exclusively found in two locations of Ecuador, making it one of the world's rarest Anthurium species. 

The plant thrives in humid yet chilly temperatures similar to those found in its natural environment. It is vulnerable to harsh weather and cannot withstand root disturbances. This is a picky Anthurium, and your best bet is to grow it in a terrarium or a greenhouse.

Anthurium Crystallinum


It is a popular houseplant due to its captivating foliage, which consists of long, cordate leaves with a velvety feel and silvery venation. A closer look at the leaf shows a shining side with hundreds of sparkling crystals covering the surface, which is why the plant is also known as Crystal Anthurium or Crystal Laceleaf.

The plant also produces beautiful, faintly scented blooms with yellow or crimson tails and green spathes.

Anthurium Clarinervium


Anthurium clarinervium is another attractive Anthurium planted for its leaves. The plant features heart-shaped green leaves with contrasting white veins.

The plant is quite simple to care for. Given its epiphytic nature, you must use a loose, well-draining potting mix. The plant enjoys direct sunshine and warm temperatures. Soggy soil should be avoided since it might cause root rot.

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