New Plants - 6 Ideas of Plants That Can Thrive In Water

 Homiful.comIn addition to wearing soil as a medium for growing plants, try to grow plants in water media. Not only herbs or vegetables, you can try ornamental plants. And then display it as a decoration in your home or office. Here are some ideas and examples of plants that can grow in water media.



Coleus or can be known as Miana can certainly grow in water media. Having an attractive appearance, Coleus is widely used as decoration both indoors and outdoors. To plant Coleus, simply take about 6 inches long on this plant.

Little orchid


Is one of the popular ornamental plants, orchids have an attractive appearance and certainly have special care. Usually found orchids growing in soil media or hitchhiking on other plants. However, you can try to grow orchids with water medium.



Pothos is a popular plant and is widely found as an ornamental plant in homes and public places. Pothos can grow vines and certainly provide many benefits to the surrounding environment. Having low maintenance, Pothos is suitable for planting on soil and water media.

Spider plants


Almost the same as Pothos, this spider plant is low-maintenance, so it is suitable for beginners. Can grow vines, and spider plants can be placed in moist areas such as bathrooms. In addition to growing in soil media, spider plants are also good for growing in water media.



Leaves that have an epic color certainly attract attention. Tradescantia is very suitable to be used as a room decoration, especially a room that only has a monotonous design, of course, it will immediately increase the impression. Usually found Tradescantia grows with soil media, but you can try to plant Tradescantia with water media. And this will certainly give a different and sweet accent.



Many types of dracaena plants can grow with water media. And the plant is suitable for such a small place as a jar. However, don't let the water on this plant become cloudy. Make sure to change the water every 2 to 3 times a week.

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