Bright and Cozy Tropical Modern House Ideas

Bright and Cozy Tropical Modern House Ideas -- There are tons of home design styles that we can apply to our dream home. If you like the tropical style that is cool and bright according to its characteristics, then the following house ideas will be perfect for you. For details, let's check out the following "Bright and Cozy Tropical Modern House Ideas".

Minimalist Looks

Facade Design

From the exterior, the facade of this house looks more like a modern minimalist house with today's design style. You can see from the boxy facade that it has, very trendy! By the way, the color selection is also quite interesting, with beige and black colors to create a clean and elegant vibe at the same time.

Open Space Concept 

Open Space

The open space concept was used in the design of this house. With the use of the open space concept, the house feels more spacious, the space for movement also becomes freer. Whether for a large house or even a small house, the open space concept can be the right choice for comfort in your home.

Pool and Plants

Swimming Pool

Talking about tropical style, we can't help but think of the tropics, with their lush vegetation or even fresh sea shores. Of course, we can't create our own private ocean at home. But you can add a swimming pool, complete with a set of chairs and umbrellas for relaxing. Around it, add exotic tropical plants, and that's perfect!

Earthy Tone Colors

Counter Table Kitchen

Thinking of the tropics, you can't escape the use of brown earthy tones and fresh greens. And so does this house. With its tropical style, this house uses a lot of warm earthy tones, both soft and dark, all in the perfect ratio.

Add Modern Details

Kitchen Set

Unlike the other rooms that tend to use warm earthy tones, this side of the kitchen has a slightly modern look. Equipped with a kitchen set with a trendy model, and colored in dark gray, silver and white. It has plenty of storage space to make the kitchen more organized.

Side View

Side Garden

Characterized by a light and airy tropical style with lots of openings, so is this house. This house has many windows or dividers with large glass designs so that the incoming light can be maximized. The role of high ceilings is also very helpful to make the house feel more spacious and cool.

Wooden Design

Dining Area

In accordance with the style used, this house uses a lot of wood, both for furniture, as well as decorations to ornaments used to beautify the room. From this side alone you can see a wooden dining table, and also chairs with rattan material. You can also see the use of wood for the ceiling. How gorgeous and unique!

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