7 Beautiful Indoor Plant Stands

7 Beautiful Indoor Plant Stands 

Homiful.com -- It is undeniable that the presence of indoor plants gives off a good and fresh vibe. Besides the various health benefits of plants, the appearance alone also helps to beautify the room. Here are "7 Beautiful Indoor Plant Stands", which you can consider for decorating your favorite room at home!

Elegant Black Shelf


The first inspiration is this shelf with a minimalist black design. An elegant look thanks to the glossy black paint finish. This shelf model is also quite unique with zig-zag trivets with different heights, so that the display of ornamental plants is maximally beautiful!

Zig-zag Wooden Shelf


If the previous one was a cool black shelf with a zig-zag model, this time it is another example of a zig-zag shelf with a sturdy wooden material. Its minimalist look is perfect for a japandi, rustic, or modern minimalist home. These cactus plants are guaranteed to enhance the look of your space!

Heart-Shaped Stand


The next shelf design is this heart-shaped shelf. Its unique shape will be the perfect decoration for the corner of your room. Combine with plants that have a beautiful appearance but are easy to maintain, such as aloe vera, snake plant, and so on.

Super Minimalist Stand


For those of you who like minimalist and modern, or industrial, or even contemporary home concepts, you might be interested in this plant stand. A super simple shape with wooden block, it is perfect for the corner of the living room. Pair it with ornamental plants that have beautiful flowers to make it look more alive.

Multifunctional Shelf


Perhaps you are familiar with this hanging rack. Usually used to hang clothes, this hanger is also equipped with a shelf underneath. If you have an unused shelf like this, you can turn it into a plant shelf to beautify your room. In addition to arranging potted plants on the bottom shelf, you can add some hanging plants on top. So simple, right!

Hanging Shelves


The next idea is to make a beautiful hanging shelf with wooden materials like this. A unique design attached to the wall, is one of the characteristics of a vertical garden. With this rack, the plants become more neat, maintenance is also easier, and it is very suitable to be installed on the wall of the indoor area.

Unique Hexagonal Stand


This last inspiration looks very unique and interesting. After the previous heart-shaped plant shelf model, this time it is a hexagonal shelf model that is really cool! Apart from being a plant shelf, this shelf is also used for bookshelves and some decorations to further complement the beautiful look of your room.

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