Tips For Growing Starfish Flower Indoors

Tips For Growing Starfish Flower Indoors -- Stapelia Grandiflora, often known as Starfish Cacti, are magnificent plants endemic to South Africa, known by their unique scent and huge 5-petal blooms. Many people are astonished to learn that Starfish cacti are members of the succulent family, owing to their soft-stemmed spineless growth that radiates from a central point. 

This plant was intended to thrive as a houseplant in the cooler months of the year, but you may bring it outside to enjoy the summer heat. A plant that is easy to care for and semi-drought tolerant - friends and family probably noticed their stunning large blossoms!

Light Requirements


Give your Starfish succulent bright, indirect sunshine. A west-facing window or a south-facing window with filtered sunlight is good. Shelter from the harsh afternoon heat, which can burn the leaves, favors the Starfish plant. In the outdoors, full morning light to moderate shade is perfect. 

Water Needs


The Starfish cactus tolerates drought and enjoys wet and dry irrigation. Water when the soil has dried, then soak until the water drains through the drainage holes in the container. 

Allow 10 minutes for the water to drain before disposing of surplus water in the drip tray to avoid root rot. Repeat this method throughout the spring, summer, and early fall months until the blooming period is done.

Temperature And Humidity


Indoor conditions should be approximately 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 degrees Celsius) for the Starfish cactus. During the flowering season, keep temperatures above 50 degrees Fahrenheit or blooms will not appear. 

The Starfish plant may withstand brief periods of below-freezing temperatures if kept dry. Indoor humidity levels are unimportant for the Starfish succulent, but make sure it is not exposed to both humidity and cold at the same time, because diseases may occur.

Soil And Fertilizer


Grow the Starfish cactus in a potted soil mix enriched with perlite and coarse sand that drains well. A garden center's pre-mixed succulent soil is also acceptable. To keep the roots from sitting in water, add a one-inch layer of tiny pebbles to the bottom of the container. 

Feed your Starfish plant once a month with a houseplant fertilizer diluted to half strength from spring until blossoming is complete. 



To propagate by cuttings, cut one of the plant's stems at the base with a sharp and sterile knife. Allow the cut end to create a callus by placing it on a paper towel for a few days. Plant the cut end in a small pot of peat. Place the cutting in low-light conditions and maintain the soil wet until roots grow. Transfer the young plant to a bigger pot filled with succulent soil or the soil combination indicated.

Collect seeds from fruit that has burst open on its own to spread via seed. Plant the seeds on the surface of a succulent soil mix and lightly cover with earth. Maintain moisture in the soil until germination happens. Once the new seedlings have grown a few inches tall, transplant them into their own pots. Dried seeds germinate slower than fresh seeds.

Pests and Diseases


The most prevalent issues with this plant are mealybugs and root rot. If you want to combat mealybug infestations, apply an insecticidal soap to the plant. Trim any dark or mushy roots and repot in new soil to treat minor root rot. 

Reduce your waterings to avoid future problems. In advanced cases of root rot, treat the new soil with a solution of water and 3% hydrogen peroxide.

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