6 Ways To Display Your Houseplants at Home

 Homiful.com - Decorating a home with houseplants also makes it fun and relaxing. But, sometimes we get stuck on how and where to put the plants, right? Then, here we will share some ways that maybe can solve your problem. Let's check it out!

Organizing in the box planter


Having a small plant that also grows in a small pot is certainly very cute if there are only a few. But what if the small pot has a considerable amount? This will certainly make the room messy because of the lack of arrangement.

We recommend that you use the box planter as a place for the small pot so that it is not scattered. This will certainly have a better and more interesting view, right?

Get functional rack


Using shelves as a place for plants is also quite good. Many shelf models can be used as a place for plants to make it neater. You just have to choose the model and function. Don't forget to pay attention to the size of the shelf so that it fits when placed in the place you are going.

Try climbing the houseplant on a fence or wall


Who is afraid to collect vines? It is a challenge to have vines as decorations at home. You can put vines on the fence or wall of the house. Or just place it on a shelf so it will grow to propagate according to the groove you adjust or leave hanging for natural curtain accents.

Put it near the windowsill area


Putting plants on the windowsill or close to the window is quite popular and widely applied and encountered. This is because the window area is close to natural lighting sources and good air for plant growth.

Besides being simple, sometimes improper arrangements will make the plants on the windowsill messy because they are too ignorant.

Houseplant on tabletop


Putting plants on the table is also quite in demand and used as decoration so that the room is more fresh and lively. Although simple, you need to pay attention to what plants are placed on the table. If possible, place plants that are low-maintenance and have a simple appearance but are still attractive for stunning results.

Hang on the wall


To save space, hang potted plants on the wall and form a vertical garden. This is very useful for dwellings that are small in size and do not have a place for a mini garden.

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