7 Choices of Cacti That Can Be Placed in the Room

 Homiful.comIncluding popular plants, this cactus can survive in dry and hot climates. Many think cacti only have one type, namely the prickly one. However, cacti can also grow flowers too, you know? For more details, see below.



Often referred to as chin cactus, Gymnocalycium is a cactus that can grow beautiful flowers. This type of cactus is suitable for use as decoration in your room. Use a small pot for a cute and sweet result.

Mammillaria albilanata


Originally from Mexico, Mammillaria albilanataini has a white color so that it resembles albino accents on plants. However, not all of them are white, only the spines of this cactus are white, and this cactus can grow beautiful flowers between its thorns.

Trichocereus skottsbergii


Has the appearance of cacti that are often encountered, but Trichocereus skottsbergii has its own uniqueness. With sharp spines and quite large, the thorns also have a golden color that makes the appearance slick. We recommend placing this cactus in a safe place so as not to hurt small children and pets.

Euphorbia lactea (White Ghost)


It is called a ghost cactus because of its elongated appearance and also has a pale green appearance like a ghost. However, this cactus will be cute and unique if you can take care of it and shape it according to your creations.

Cephalocereus senilis


This cactus has an appearance that has hair on its surface like gray hair. And not infrequently many call him an old man's cactus. Cephalocereus senilis can grow up to 12 meters. However, plant in pots when you want to keep it growing stunted.

Place in living room


The living room is also a suitable and neat place to put cacti. As a decoration, choose a safe cactus because this living room is a room that is often visited. And of course to avoid unwanted things such as sticking thorns from cacti for example.

Get glass as a pot of cacti


To make the decoration of cacti in the room more eye-catching, use a pot with glass material for transparent accents. Or use a transparent plastic pot if you want to be safer.

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