Livable Tiny House Design that Will Make You Stay Here

Livable Tiny House Design that Will Make You Stay Here -- Tiny house design is one of the less livable house designs for some people. However, as an option, this idea is very intriguing. Even though the design is small, the space arrangement is clever, with farmhouse accents on the facade. A larger yard will better support the house as an outdoor area.

Facade design 

From the outside, this house has a clean and touching facade. Wooden elements are used for everything from door frame materials to house pillars. The farmhouse facade model will be homey and refreshing. A touch of glass windows brightens and expands the interior.

Tiny house interior 

The following is the interior of a small open-plan house. The living room is the first room, followed by the kitchen and an attic bedroom. Neutral interiors and earthy tones are warm and lively. You can simply balance the use of contrasting colors for some parts as natural decoration accents.

Kitchen details 

The kitchen is a vital space in this tiny house. The Scandinavian model with a L shape is ideal for small and angular spaces. The color of the kitchen elements in wood with a touch of white will make the space feel lighter and more spacious. 

View of the room from the dining room

This is how a small house appears from the dining room. With the proper size, it appears spacious. Starting with the sofa, coffee table, cabinet, and fireplace, you can maximize the house's facilities. Furthermore, the lighting is quite intense from both sides of the room, which adds to the impression of freedom and freshness.

Ideas for loft bedrooms

The room is located in the attic to minimize the interior of the lower part. The design is still beautiful and homey, with clean and natural colors. Lighting is also an important part of this house because it keeps any area bright, even in the corner...

Bathroom ideas

There is also an elongated hallway design bathroom. This bathroom has a brighter orange color and a little extra accent spotting on the ceramics selection. Showers, toilets, sinks, and laundry facilities are all included. Small but very functional.

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