6 x 10 Meters Small House Design with Floor Plan

 Homiful.com - A small house with 6x10 meters or 800 ft2 creates good design and decoration. The result makes this house feel relaxing and also perfect for spending time. For more information, see below for a 6 x 10 Meters Small House Design with Floor Plan. Check it out!

Facade view

Divide into two sides, this house is designed in A-frame for the carport area and a gable roof on the other side. There are wood materials for the carport door that make a pretty and natural ambiance. You can design the terrace by placing stunning and cozy chairs and plants.

Floor plan

There are two floors for this small house. Which is the first floor consists of:

  • carport
  • bathroom
  • living room
  • kitchen
  • dining room

And for the second floor, consists of:

  • 2 bedrooms
  • bathroom
  • laundry area
  • relax area or stopover

Living room

You can see the living room after passing the corridor on the first floor. And the living room is designed in a pretty and comfortable place that is perfect for gathering with family or hosting guests. Build a fireplace in the living room that can use for decoration or as a heater.

Kitchen and dining room

Merging with the living room, the dining room, and the kitchen place next to the living room area. Make good arrangements for a pretty and stunning room in this small house. Create a window around for accessing the sunlight and good air from outside.

Main bedroom

The main bedroom place on the second floor and there are sloping roof makes pretty the design. Utilizing the window in the main bedroom for good room condition and also avoid the stuffy effect.

Second bedroom

Similar to the main bedroom, the second bedroom also has a sloping roof. But, you can design nicely like installing the additional lighting for example. Also, make windows or ventilation for the second bedroom that will bring relaxation and sleep well.


Even though the bathroom is small, you can still divide them into wet and dry areas. Which is the shower or bathtub can use a transparent barrier or use a waterproof curtain. And make a pretty design for the sink area that will make your bathroom comfy.

Laundry area

Utilize the empty area in this house for the laundry area. Like the empty area near the stairway for example. Design the laundry area nicely. You can make the laundry area use cabinet and the washing machine place under the table of the cabinet. Decorate the laundry area by placing plants to make fresh nuance.

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Author    : Yuniar

Editor     : Munawaroh

Source   : Youtube - Jasper Tran - House Design Ideas

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