7 Best and Popular Low Light Indoor Hanging Plants

7 Best and Popular Low Light Indoor Hanging Plants 

Homiful.com -- Light is unquestionably necessary for any plant to develop. The good news is that there are some incredible plants that can grow in low-light environments. Low light conditions are ideal for growing philodendrons, English ivy, pothos, snake plants, and spider plants. If grown in hanging pots or baskets, the "7 Best and Popular Low Light Indoor Hanging Plants" listed below will change your workplace or home.

Hoya Plant


Hoya plants can give a tropical season taste into your house. When they begin to blossom, they overflow with lush, beautiful leaves and emit fragrant aroma. They are non-toxic to pets and simple to care for. The key to hoya maintenance is to allow them to dry out between waterings and to provide them with plenty of bright, indirect light. 

The stems of plants in hanging baskets may rise rather than drop downward, as if the plant were waving its arms. Hoya thrives in low-light environments, such as an office or apartment without windows.



Pothos care is effortless. This low-maintenance plant prefers bright, indirect light but may also survive in low-light situations. Even in a shady spot, this low-maintenance houseplant makes an eye-catching show in a hanging basket. Because they are shaded, the restroom or workplace are suitable sites. These plants thrive in low light and are quite resilient.

Boston Fern


Since their discovery, Boston ferns have had a significant impact on interior design. The brilliant green, arching fronds look stunning in a basket or as an indoor plant. The Boston fern dislikes cold breezes and heat ducts, so keep it slightly shaded inside. 

During the spring and summer, keep the compost moist (but not wet). In fall and winter, water when the top few cm of compost get dry. Mist your plant a few times each week. In the spring and summer, offer a mild liquid feed once a month.

Burro's Tail


A donkey's tail, also known as a burro's tail, is a fleshy, thick plant with succulent leaves. It is possible to find traces of silver on the delicate, pastel-green tails of burros. These succulents are low-maintenance and ideal for indoor gardening. Burros don't mind being in low light either.

Spider plant


Its long, arching, variegated, cream, and mid-green leaves give it the appearance of wild grass. They are also ideal for use indoors. You'll also like the adorable star-shaped flowers. The requirements of the spider plant are simple: Place the plant in bright to moderate light in a spot that is comfortable for everyone. 

Keep the right moisture level in the soil. In the spring and summer, once-week watering is suitable; in the winter, leave the soil to dry a bit between waterings.

Arrowhead plant


The arrowhead vine is an excellent hanging plant for a shaded nook in the living room or office. Sometimes you'll notice a flower with lovely ivory petals and white foliage with a pink tinge. 

Grow the arrowhead up and arch it down to show off its lovely leaves. Diffused light is better for a bushier plant; low light makes arrowhead vine appear sparse and lanky. A window facing north or east is good.

English ivy


Bring a hanging English ivy plant to lighten up your gloomy space. They are low-maintenance and have a cascading effect of lively, glossy foliage. One of the nicest things about them is how quickly they grow inside. Ivies shouldn't be left to stand in water. Ivies require sufficient air circulation and should not be overcrowded. 

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