Monstera Albo Guide: How to Grow and Care For This Stunning Plant

Monstera Albo Guide: How to Grow and Care For This Stunning Plant -- Monstera albo is a subspecies of Monstera deliciosa and is quickly becoming one of the most popular plants on the market. With its magnificent bright white painted leaves and long, striped stems, it's no surprise that this plant is on everyone's wish list. Here's a simple "Monstera Albo Guide: How to Grow and Care For This Stunning Plant" for you!

Monstera Albo Care


Provide enough of bright, indirect light to your monstera albo to maintain its variegation vivid and profuse. It is advised that you get at least six to seven hours of filtered light every day. These plants must be kept out of direct sunlight since the variegated regions of their leaves are extremely susceptible to sunburn. 

This tropical beauty will thrive in dry soil rather than wet, soggy soil. Water the Albo plant thoroughly but not often to avoid overwatering. The ideal humidity range for variegated Monstera Albo is 70-85%, however they are adaptable and may thrive well with average household humidity. 

Potting & Repotting 


Use a pot with enough of drainage holes to adequately drain excess moisture. When the plant roots start showing up from the base of the present pot, it is time to repot. Use a potting mix that has an equal amount of organic matter, fresh garden soil, and perlite. To give the root ball enough room, choose a pot that is a couple of inches deeper and larger than the existing pot.



Stem cuttings are the most easiest approach to grow Monstera Albo Variegata. Simply cut a healthy stem with at least one node using a sterilized pruning knife or shear, and be careful to prepare a new potting media beforehand. 

You can plant the cuttings straight into the soil or soak them in water for 3-4 weeks to see the growth of roots. If the cuttings are wilted or rooted takes a long time, Monstera Albo propagation might be overwhelming.

Types of Monstera Albo


If you can't find one variety of Monstera albo, try another, as each has its own distinct profile and varied patterns.

- Monstera deliciosa 'Albo Variegata': Deep green and cream leaves

- Monstera adansonii 'Albo Variegata': An extremely unusual species with several holes per cream and green split leaf.

- Monstera deliciosa 'Albo Borsigiana': Large, primarily white leaves with some green.

- Monstera adansonii f. variegata Laniata Albo Variegated: Tri-colored dark green, light green, and white leaves with a glossy finish.

- Monstera Marbled Albo: The most beautiful, with prominent white and green splotches and severely split leaves.

Common Pests, Disease and Problems


Common houseplant pests include spider mites, scale, mealybugs, fungus gnats, and thrips. Inspecting your plant on a regular basis is the greatest method to discover any possible infections early. As a prophylactic step, spray pesticide to the plant on a regular basis.

Monstera albo are relatively easy to care for, especially if you have previous experience with monsteras. However, like with any houseplant, you may encounter a few typical challenges while cultivating these tropical plants indoors.

Brown tips or edges of the leaves: Brown tips or browning along the edges of the leaves are generally caused by a lack of water or humidity.

Brown Leaves (including new brown leaves): Brown leaves are caused by leaf rot, which is produced by stagnant air. This is generally what happens when there is a humid area with no air circulation. Place the plant wherever it can breathe.

Yellow Leaves: Yellowing leaves on a monstera albo indicate that the plant has been overwatered for an extended period of time and is suffering from root rot. Remove the plant from its pot and remove as much soil as you can from the root ball. 

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