How to Decorate a Lovely Room with Plants and Wooden Accents

How to Decorate a Lovely Room with Plants and Wooden Accents -- Decorating the room with plant elements and wood materials will give it a fresh, natural, and cleaner feel. You can mix and match the interior space with many accents, patterns, colors, and lively touches for various complete elements in the room. Plants and wood elements will be two complete combinations for a more fresh and environmentally friendly room. Examine the following image design for inspiration:

Mix with an eclectic touch

Basically, the room will be very interesting to have a mixture of different colors for each detail. You can add eclectic touches to the sofa, wall-art details, and other decoration accents. The main focus in this living room will be natural touches such as ornamental plants and wood materials.

Provide distinct variations

So that your interior is more enjoyable and cool. Focusing on wood will have a monotonous effect on the room. As a result, by selecting lampshade accents with distinct shapes, you can achieve a distinct look. To make the room feel more homey, add naturalist-style vintage decor accents.

Look modern and simple

A monochrome room decoration style will make many mistakes, one of which is a more one color pattern that will quickly look boring. Avoid this by combining detailed decorations in the corner of the room, such as display shelves, mirrors, lighting to standing lamps for additional lighting. Create gradation accents of wall paint for a modern and simple look.

Add new colors

The more interior details there are with one theme, the more boring the space will appear. Details can be removed and enhanced by the presence of ornamental plants and the use of display shelves. The new contrasting baby pink color will blend in with the contrasting black color throughout the kitchen. 

Make the unexpected happen 

You can prioritize recycling in the plant rack for the division of storage areas in the room. Combine all decorations, wall art, paintings, and action figures. This detail can be used for empty areas, particularly corners. For a more appealing visual space, incorporate tall plant species.

Create new art for the balcony area

Sometimes the balcony is an important area of the house to consider. Place a lot of lighting in the form of tumblr lights and refreshing plants in the relaxing area. such as lemons, oranges, or dahlias with a strong aroma.

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