6 Ways Turning Your Balcony into a Charming Chill Out Area

6 Ways Turning Your Balcony into a Charming Chill Out Area 

Homiful.com -- A balcony is one area that can be a great place to relax. It's usually not very spacious, but you can still make it cosy. With these "6 Ways for Turning Your Balcony into a Charming Chill Out Area", it's easy to put into use!

Decorative Lights


A small balcony area can be cozy and look charming if designed properly. The addition of decorative lighting can be one option that you can apply. Small lantern-like lamps, along with the addition of aromatic candles, make the atmosphere even more romantic!

Sofa Bed


To provide extra comfort in your small balcony area, you can try to choose furniture that is both minimalist and functional. This balcony, for example, uses a pull-out chair, which is space-saving and innovative. Just add some foam to sit on and some sofa cushions to make it more comfortable.

Semi Outdoor Area


If you want extra comfort, you can change the open balcony of the house to a semi-closed one like this. Surrounded by a canopy and glass walls make this area so much safer from the weather. Not only is it safe, but it's also aesthetic. You can rest comfortably with loved ones at any time without fear of getting caught in the rain.

Plant Collection


When thinking about the balcony area, it is incomplete if you do not think about the plants that adorn the surroundings. Make your balcony area a cool and beautiful area with a collection of your favorite plants. Not only that, this area will also be more beautiful and aesthetic!

Shady Balcony


An open balcony area during hot weather will certainly feel sultry and uncomfortable. You can add a canopy to make the balcony shady. Or if you want to be more affordable, you can add an umbrella like this, which can be folded when you don't want to use it. The choice of colors and motifs is also quite varied, match your taste!

Make it Safe


Because of its location on the top floor, the balcony area can be dangerous. Therefore it is necessary to make it so safer. One of them you can add a fence that surrounds the balcony. For the design, just adjust it to your taste and the concept you want.

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