Caring Rhipsalis Plant with a Complete Stress-Free Guide - Part of the cactus, Rhipsalis, or known as the coral cactus has a different appearance. Usually, cacti are identic with thick and thorny trunks, but this variety has long, slender, and segmented stems that love to spill over the edge. For more information about Rhipsalis, you can see these about Caring Rhipsalis Plant with a Complete Stress-Free Guide. Let's check it out!

Light and soil


Not to be confused with other cacti, Rhipsalis can grow with many plants around or can call the forest its home. They are still okay with bright indirect light to survive. But, if you give a little more light, this plant might develop red leaf tips, which some cactus growers prefer. And about the soil, make the soil of Rhipsalis in a well-draining medium.



Actually, watering Rhipsalis depends on the conditions around it. But, you can water them once the top inch or two of the soil has gone dry during the warm summer. And entering winter, just let the soil dry halfway or more before watering Rhipsalis.

Temperature and humidity


Get the temperature between 50 to 86 degrees F. And during winter, you'd better just check it out. Rhipsalis is also not overly fussy about the humidity. Just place this houseplant in an area with an air moisture level of around 50 % or more.



Rhipsalis is a houseplant that is not a heavy feeder. But, you can give a diluted liquid houseplant fertilizer on a monthly basis. And during winter, you'd better not fertilize this plant or in an attempt to revive a dying plant.



In regular caring, you can cut some of the dead or dying stem or cut a few to clean the houseplant. This is intended to reduce problems such as diseases and pests. But, you can get pruning if wanna have tidy Rhipsalis at home.



In propagation, you can be cutting by snapping off a section at any leaf connection point. And then plant them in soil or water media. 

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