6 Yellow Leaf Decorative Plants to Make Your Home More Beautiful

6 Yellow Leaf Decorative Plants to Make Your Home More Beautiful 

Homiful.com -- If usually the leaves of a plant are green, now you can choose yellow leaves. The natural yellow color of the plant, which is not yellow due to disease, will add an attractive impression when looked at. Interested in collecting yellow leaf ornamental plants? Let's check out the following "6 Yellow Leaf Decorative Plants to Make Your Home More Beautiful" below!

Croton (Codiaeum variegatum)


Croton is a plant that comes from the tropics. Not without reason, this plant has a variety of color patterns so it is interesting to be used as a collection. The shape of the leaves also varies, some are wavy, slender, to oval round. In addition to having yellow leaves, this decorative plants also have a variety of leaf colors. Starting from purple, red, to dark red.

Golden Pothos (Epipremnum aureum)


Golden Pothos is an ornamental plant because it has a beautiful leaf shape resembling a heart and its size is not too big. Golden Pothos has leaves of bright yellow color. This plant can grow to a length of dozens of meters and a stem thickness of 4 cm. This plant also belongs to the plants easy to care for. Can be used for hanging decoration, or planted using pots with moist soil.

Sunshine Ligustrum


This ornamental plant has the Latin name sunshine ligustrum. Yellow leaf legistrum has interesting and refreshing visualizations. Yellow leaf legistrum ornamental plant can grow and look bright regardless of the season. Besides being beautiful for indoor, legistrum can also be used for decoration as a living fence.

Philodendron Moonlight


Moonlight philodendron is one of the most common types of philodendron owned by ornamental plant lovers. This plant native to South America has contrasting yellow leaf colors, so this type is also known by the name philodendron lemon orange juice. This plant tends to be easy to care for indoors.



This yellow type of begonia is often targeted by plant lovers because it looks unique. This begonia has yellow leaves patterned with red patches. It will look beautiful if used for home decoration. Some people believe that yellow begonias can bring good luck. About the care, this unique yellow-leaved ornamental plant is not too difficult. Put yellow begonias in the shade with sufficient light intake. Periodically water yellow begonias.

Euodia Ridleyi


Euodia ridleyi has long, thin, and lush leaves. Just as the name suggests, this plant has predominantly yellow leaves. This plant can be used for home decoration. Euodia ridleyi can grow up to 55 centimeters. In order to grow healthy and lush, this plant needs the right place, not wet or dry. Make sure to keep it well moist. Water with enough water, fertilize once a month.

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