Caring the Ornamental Plant That Look Like Butterfly (Swallow Tail) - Swallowtail, also known as the Butterfly plant, is a gorgeous plant, that is not a very well-known plant. The botanical name Christia obcordata is an herb plant with triangular leaves that look like butterflies. And their leaves surface has variegated running symmetrically along the veins. Just get below for more information!

Light and soil


Butterfly plants prefer to grow in partial or shaded light. If you get them in direct sunlight, the leaves will not tolerate them and are prone to sunburn. Get well-draining, moisture-retaining, and rich nutrients for ideal soil. Or you can get potting mix to grow Swallowtail.



Christia obcordata is a plant that water loving. So, they need the soil consistently moist. Make sure to water them when the topsoil gets dry to avoid root rot. For the watering schedule, you can water abundantly every 3 to 4 days using clean, filtered water. And decrease watering when the fall and winter.

Temperature and humidity


This plant can survive from dips in temperature. Place them in an area with a temperature of around 40 to 50 degrees F for perfect range. And the humidity, gets them around 40 to 50%, especially during the dry summer months.



Butterfly plants need moderate fertilizer. So, you can try liquid or pellet-based fertilizer. The liquid fertilizer needs to be diluted first. And you can apply them at least twice a month. Pellet fertilizer is slow-release fertilizer, and it will release the nutrients for 3 to 4 months.



Get pruning Swallowtail during the end of the growing season. Make sure get regularly remove the old and dead leaves.



Propagation can do in the early spring. And you can use 2 methods for the propagation. There are seed methods and stem cuttings.

The issues


Many issues come to this plant. Common issues like sun scorching, fungal diseases, and pests.

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