Six Purple Plants that Grow in Water

Six Purple Plants that Grow in Water -- Plants in the best purple color will give the impression that I have a crush on the room. The dramatic look will be more festive and striking to the eyes by adding bright colors to the garden or indoors. If you want a purple plant with a unique appearance, you can grow a purple plant that grows in water and requires little care.

Tradescantia Pallida


Tillandsia pallida is a purple plant that can be easily planted in water. The plant thrives in brightly colored water or dry soil. You can keep it in a glass jar and keep it out of direct sunlight.

Gynura Aquatica


This stunning purple velvet thrives in water or soil and has a passion for purple, velvety leaves. It grows quickly and looks great when used to decorate a room. Put it in a glass vase filled with water and set it on the window sill.

Purple waffle plant


Hemigraphis alternata is a rare plant with dark purple leaves. This purple waffle plant is a good purple plant to grow in water because it grows well and looks attractive in water.

Water Hyacinth


This water hyacinth plant with attractive purple flowers grows well in water-filled containers. Plant roots can grow by absorbing nutrients from the surrounding environment. Because it can absorb excess nutrients and keep the water clean, this plant is commonly used as a natural filter in aquariums.



Coleus that grows in this water can multiply quickly and easily. This plant is very beautiful for decorating the room in a vase. It grows rapidly for several weeks and needs to be changed to keep it clean.

Water Lily


The next best purple plant is the Nympheae which is a classic plant. This elegant cup-shaped flower represents shades of purple. Can create a peaceful and calming atmosphere, this plant is the best choice for room plants on the table.

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