6 Best Type String of Pearls will be Admired

6 Best Type String of Pearls will be Admired


Homiful.com -- String of pearls appears to be a difficult plant to grow. However, because the sign is well-known, it is simple for beginners to maintain. Surprisingly, there are several varieties of pearl string that are beautiful and unique for decorating spaces or sweetening the garden. This trailing succulent plant is ideal for beginners because it adds a focused look to the room as well as fresh colors and unique shapes.

Senecio Rowleyanus


This lovely vine succulent is a pearl string. Senecio rowleyanus grows quickly and well. It is drought resistant and thrives easily. It is a South African native that is sensitive to overwatering and requires well-drained soil. Its leaves are rounded and green, like peas or beads.

Senecio Herreianus


The scientific name for this plant in the senecio herreianus species, which includes succulents from Namibia, South Africa, is senecio herreianus. This delicate perennial succulent has attractive water-shaped leaves and creeping stems. This plant requires a low-lying location to thrive. Its teardrop-shaped leaves look lovely on the windowsill.

Variegated Senecio Rowleyanus


This varied string of pearls with a hint of color creates a lovely hue. This trailing succulent will produce stunning red-red and merha-green colors if given plenty of sunlight. Its round shape with random colors makes it an appealing plant choice for beginners as well.

Senecio Herreianus 'Purple Flush'


This intriguing trailing succulent has green oval-shaped foliage on purple stems. Yellow flower blooms make this plant pop. With a flat and crinkled bead, this succulent from southwest Africa is stunning. Simply inserting the tip of the stem into a moist potting medium is an easy method of propagation.

Senecio Citriformis


It is native to South Africa and grows on rock outcroppings. The leaves of this succulent with small, vertical leaves are covered in gray-green wax. It will bloom with yellow flowers from summer to winter and is suitable for use as a decoration in any room.

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