Beautiful House Plants That Clean the Air You Breath -- There are many benefits to having plants at home. Plants will be a living decoration that will refresh the space. Furthermore, some plants have been shown to be effective at cleaning harmful particle from indoor air. You can choose these beautiful house plants that clean the air you breath to have at home.

1.  Red-Margined Dracaena


This dracaena has different vibe from ordinary dracaena plant. The red-margined on the green leaves will add a splash of exotic red color to your home. Unfortunately, this plant is not pet-friendly, so be careful if you have it. The red-margined dracaena can clean the air of trichlorothylene, formaldehide, and xylene from lacquers or varnishes product.

2. Golden pothos


Golden pothos with green dangling leaves and yellowish splashes will give a cool tropical feel to your home. This plant is so easy to grow indoors. Place it in bright, indirect light and water when the soil starts to dry out. Golden pothos will clean the air of carbon monoxide and benzene.

3. Areca palm


Areca palm, a plant that often find in hotel lobbies or malls. This plant has small, cluster forming palm leaves that give a fresh elegant look to any interior setting. Areca palm hates direct sunlight, it's lovable indoor plant. The plant will help purify the air from benzene, xylene, formaldehide, etc.

4. Peace lily


Peace lily will give you a tropical feel with its beauty. This plant can produce flowers with white spathe, which is so graceful. Peace lily is one of NASA's recommended plants to clean the air from benzene, formaldehyde, and tricholoethylene that are found in varnishes or lacquer products.

5. Monstera


Add monstera in your houseplant list. Monstera is beautiful with its unique leaves. This plant like bright but indirect light. According to NASA's 1989 research findings, monstra deliciosa's large surface leaves area suggests that it may eliminate toxins and chemical from the air.

6. English Ivy


English ivy is a vine that is great as a hanging plant like this. English ivy is quite tolerant of low-light conditions. Watering it generously will make it thrive. These vines purify the air of carbon monoxide, formaldehyde, and mildew allergens.

7. Weeping fig

Weeping fig is a low-to-high-maintenance ficus. It grows well in well-draining soil, and water only when the top inch is dry to the touch. Keep it away from cold drafts. Weeping fig will clean the air of benzene, formaldehyde, and trichoroethlene, which may be found in furnishings and carpeting.

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