The Exotic Alocasia Silver Dragon Plant Care -- Alocasia is a flowering plant that belongs to the Aracea family. A tropical and subtropical plant loved for its charming green foliage. Of all the alocasia types, there is the alocasa silver dragon, which is a favorite of many and on many people's wish list to own. Discover why alocasia silver dragon is so special and how to care for it. Keep reading for the exotic alocasia silver dragon plant care.

Get to know the unique of Alocasia Silver Dragon


Alocasia silver dragon is an remarkable plant that is considered rare. Plant collectors prize it as one of the most valuable plants. It's not surprising that his plant has such exotic foliage.

The Alocasia silver dragon has striking metallic silvery foliage with dark green veins. The dark, leathery leaf texture and unique pattern resemble dragon scales. This is an extraordinary plant that deserves its high price.

The soil requirement


Alocasia silver dragon is quite compact as an indoor plant. It will undoubtedly become a topic of conversation among your guests. However, it is not always the best plant for beginners. It requires extra care, such as a well-draining soil with a mixture of coco coir, perlite, and orchid barks. You can also plant it in LECA (lightweight expanded clay aggregate).

Light requirement for this exotic plant


Take care for this exotic plant in a place with partial sun exposure. Alocasia silver dragons enjoy dappled light. You can provide bright, indirect light. Be careful; too much direct sunlight will scorch the leaves, and too shady spot can cause leggy, staggered growth.

Ideal temperature and humidity


Alocasia silver dragon are quite picky about temperature and humidity. This plant needs high humidity level at least 50% above. You can place a humidifier nearby or place it in a humid spot like a bathroom to provide the desired humid condition. This plant likes consistently warmth, but keep it away from air conditioners and heaters.



Don't let the Alocasia silver dragon potting mix completely dry out. Before thoroughly watering this plant, make sure only the top inch of soil is dry. The leaves will curl slightly if the soil is too dry. You can also use the bottom watering method by placing the potted plant in water and soaking it for 15 minutes.

Pest and disease


The Alocasia silver dragon is as hardy as a dragon because it is not prone to some diseases. Unfortunately, it may be favored by humidity-loving pests such as spider mites. This is uncommon, but you must check regularly to take action if your favorite alocasia is infected by pest.

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