Spring Flowers to Bloom for a Magnificent Backyard Display

Spring Flowers to Bloom for a Magnificent Backyard Display 

Homiful.com -- Spring time is coming - the perfect time to beautify your garden with lovely flowers! Whether you pick annuals to replant each season or perennials that return year after year, having a range of spring flowers in your landscaping ideas can bring consistent blossoms from early spring until the warmer days of summer arrive. Go grab your gloves and gardening shoes, and let's start with these "Spring Flowers to Bloom for a Magnificent Backyard Display" below!



Tulips come in a variety of colors and shapes, including singles, numerous blossoms on a stem, and doubles. Because the second year's bloom can be a little underwhelming, they're normally handled as annuals. As a result, new bulbs are frequently planted each fall. 

They're also tasty to rats, so plant them in pots or beneath less appealing bulbs like daffodils if this is an issue in your garden. When determining where to grow tulips, full sun is best.



These tall ball-shaped flowers create a big impression in your landscape! After they bloom in late spring, the foliage will begin to droop, so plant them among other perennials to disguise the fading leaves. You don't have to worry about creatures digging them up because they're an ornamental onion. Plant them in a location where they will receive full sun.



This perennial's unusual flowers and delicate leaves make it a must-have for a late spring garden. Columbines come in a variety of unusual shapes and vibrant colors, including pink, purple, coral, and red. They thrive in partial sunlight.

Sweet Alyssum


This pleasantly fragrant annual provides excellent long-season color from April until the first heavy frost. They come in a variety of sizes, but they look great crashing over a wall or spilling out of planters and window boxes. If you're going to grow sweet alyssum, keep in mind that it requires full light.

Lily of the Valley


Lily of the valley is an old-fashioned perennial that has fallen slightly out of favor due to its invasive nature, but it is still a lovely spring blooming. In mid-spring, its small white bells dangle from long stems and emit a lovely aroma. Plant it in an area where it can spread as a ground cover, but not too close to other perennials. Provide lily of the valley with plenty of shade.

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