7 Office Houseplants That Require Minimal Sunlight and Low Maintenance

 Homiful.com - No denying that office is a place that can make stressful with overworking sometimes. Even though the office room at home, also gives this effect. So, you can add plants that are most known to bring benefits to reduce stress and bring good air filtration to your office room. Here we have 7 Office Houseplants That Require Minimal Sunlight and Low Maintenance. Let's check it out!

Lucky bamboo


Symbolizing fortune, you can place the lucky bamboo in the office room. If you have a small office room, you can place small or slender lucky bamboo for efficiency. And this houseplant doesn't require much maintenance. Just place them in moderate or indirect sunlight and water when the topsoil is dry.

Cast iron plant (Aspidistra)


The cast iron plant is a popular houseplant that is perfect to decorate your office room. This hardy plant can thrive in indirect light and watering when the topsoil gets dry, maybe around every 10 days.

Dracaena gold star


Put Dracaena gold star in the space area in your office room. They have wide leaves with white, green, and chartreuse stripes. Include low-maintenance houseplants, you can water them once a week.

ZZ plant (Zamioculcas zamiifolia)


Although look like plastic houseplants, ZZ plants are also perfect to beautify and reduce stress in your office. They can thrive in low light, drought-like conditions. And water them once every 2 to 3 weeks.

Peace lily


The eye-catching white flower at Peace Lily can make the room feel enjoyable and soothing effect. As a popular houseplant, Peace Lily is perfect to place anywhere in an indoor area, especially in the office room. Make sure to put this houseplant in bright, direct sunlight, but still placed it in a well-lit area. Water them weekly and spritz the leaves on occasion, especially during the hot summer months.



Perfect to improve indoor air quality, Pothos also can be put in office rooms. Actually, this houseplant is also easy to care for. Growing vines, you can put Pothos on a trellis or pot with moss to help them grow well. Another way, Pothos also can remove the pollutants like formaldehyde, benzene, and carbon monoxide.

Birkin philodendron


Birkin philodendron is a good-looking houseplant that is perfect to beautify and make perfect office decorations. This compact plant is so decorative and also low maintenance. They have dark-green leaves that sport white pinstripes that add style to any houseplants grouping.

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