Spring Indoor Plants to Liven up Your Environment

Spring Indoor Plants to Liven up Your Environment 

Homlovely.com --  Spring is a great time to start planting new crops due to ideal temperatures and weather conditions. Plants will make your area more lively and interesting, especially in those very dull and boring corners of the room. Let's get started with the "Spring Indoor Plants to Liven up Your Environment" below. Check it out!

Coffee Plant


The coffee plant is a visually appealing indoor plant with glossy green leaves. During the spring, it usually produces small white flowers. The plant then bears half-inch berries with two seeds, which eventually become coffee beans. The coffee plant is ideal for novices or low-maintenance plant owners. 

Coffee plants are relatively simple to care for. They prefer shade and indirect sunlight, as well as temperatures between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Because coffee plants are native to tropical, humid forests, you should always keep their soil moist and mist their leaves frequently.



Alocasia, also known as African Mask or Elephant Ears, is a beautiful tropical plant with stunning foliage. If given the proper conditions, Alocasia is also considered a fast-growing indoor plant. 

However, if you have children or pets, avoid these plants because the leaves are toxic to both animals and humans. Alocasia are simple to care for once you understand what type of environment they require to thrive. They thrive in high humidity, slightly dry soil, and bright indirect light.

Crocodile Fern


Crocodile Fern, also known as Alligator Fern, is a must-have spring indoor plant for fern enthusiasts. It resembles crocodile patterning, but don't be alarmed because, while it appears and sounds dangerous, it is not harmful to humans or pets. 

Bright light is best described by a window facing south, south east, or south west. Keep out of direct sunlight. From March to September, keep moist but not soggy. Reduce watering during the winter months and let the soil almost dry out.



Because of their large blooms that come in a variety of vibrant colors, orchids, also known as Orchidaceae, are one of the most beautiful spring indoor plants. Orchids represent elegance, fertility, and love, making them ideal gifts for new parents. Orchids are a great choice for the low-maintenance or nurturing plant parent. 

Most orchid house plants are native to humid, tropical regions and thrive in humid environments. Because the air in most centrally heated homes is dry, mist the foliage every two to three days with tepid water, but avoid spraying the flowers, as water can stain the petals.



Anthurium is an exotic and eye-catching indoor plant. Aside from its cost, Anthurium is a popular spring indoor plant due to its bright waxy tough flowers that can last for months. Because of its watering requirements, Anthurium is ideal for the in-between plant parent. 

Grow your anthurium in a location that receives a lot of bright, indirect light but no direct sunlight. Anthuriums thrive in a warm room with a temperature of 15-20°C, away from drafts and radiators. They prefer high humidity, so a bathroom or conservatory is ideal. Planting them in groups can help to increase humidity.

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