Seven of the Best Succulent Vines and Climbers


Seven of the Best Succulent Vines and Climbers -- Discover the best succulent vines for creating  visually appealing space for everyone. Its lovely appearance and ease of upkeep make it ideal for beginners. It has long, flowing stems that are ideal for hanging baskets. The best vines can be found below:

String of Hearts


This trailing succulent would look lovely as a living plant anywhere. The plant is one of the most tolerant and difficult to care for plants. This South African hanging plant has variegated green and silver shades.

Donkey's tail


Blue-green is the most popular succulent with fleshy leaves in this teardrop shape. Plants that grow up to 4 feet tall look best in pots as hanging plants. These succulents can be propagated easily from stem cuttings that will flowers in red or pink.

Crassula Perforata


This compact, clump-forming, tall, small succulent has a low growth rate. This small shrub can grow to be 45 cm or more tall. With its green leaves and pink or cream edging, this diverse succulent is a beautiful as South Africa.

Rhipsalis Pilocarpa


This rice cactus has plump thick leaves and a lovely downward dangle. These rhipsalis varieties grow to be the best vines forming hanging shrubs.

Cotyledon Pendens


Vine with a length of small leaves. Gray-green flesh. This cotyledon cliff has a lovely appearance and distinctive bell flowers. Colores include orange and red. Very nice for hanging hanging baskets as room decor.

Crassula Muscosa 


This succulent has dense and small leaves that resemble corn spikes and has a distinctive erect and narrow stem. The plant is sometimes small and develops tubercles. The color ranges from bright green to gray brown, with yellowish green flowers along the stem.

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