Ficus Umbellata Care - Growing Umbrella Tree

Ficus Umbellata Care - Growing Umbrella Tree -- Use ficus umbellata, also known as the clustering fig, to add a tropical touch to your space. This plant will be the best choice due to its attractive appearance and ease of care. Choose this plant to create a tropical atmosphere and learn how to properly care for it. 

More about ficus umbellata

This plant is a member of the ficus family, which includes over 800 species native to Indian and Southeast Asia. This ficus is ideal for beginners due to its low maintenance and care requirements. It can grow up to 6 feet tall and wide and can be laminated into a tree or left to grow as a dense shrub.

This plant will add a tropical touch to your home without much effort. Its distinct appearance and ease of care will bring long-lasting joy and beauty.

The proper ficus umbellata pot size


This plant requires a pot size of 8 to 10 inches. It grows tall and wide. Continue repotting into larger container than before.

How to grow ficus umbellata


To propagate from cuttings, cut off the healthy ends of the stems with a sterile sharp knife. Plant the cut in moist soil after dipping it in root hormone. Place in a well-lit area away from direct sunlight.

When air layering ficus umbellata, use healthy branches and make shallow incisions around them. Wrap the cut area in plastic wrap and sphagnum moss. Cut the branch under the moss and plant it in a pot once the roots have grown.

In terms of heating ficus umbellata

When placed around the windowsill, it prefers bright indirect light and requires light from the east or west. This ficus prefers well-drained soil with a high organic matter content or a combination of other soil mixtures such as peat and perlite. 

Make certain that this ficus receives consistent and non-stagnant watering. Because if the soil is too wet, it can cause root rot. Keep an eye on the temperature and humidity levels, which should be between 15 and 36 degrees Celsius, and avoid ventilating or cooling the room, which can stress the plant.

Ficus umbellata maintenance

Pay attention to fertilizing, which is necessary to promote plant growth. Additionally, perform pruning to keep the plant's shape and size. Ensure that the plant is free of pests and disease such as mealybugs scale insects, and mites.

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