Small Desk Plants That Are Perfect for Your Home Office

Small Desk Plants That Are Perfect for Your Home Office -- Working continuously can be stressful. One way to prevent stress is to create a comfortable area to work in, by adding plants on the table. Seeing green plants or beautiful flowers can reduce stress. Plants are also useful for air purification, so the atmosphere becomes fresher and healthier, the mood will also improve. You can start having one of these "Small Desk Plants That Are Perfect for Your Home Office"!



Succulents are popular due of the noticeable hip and stylish vibe they can bring almost any space. They're ideal for small desks and look fantastic in groups of three or more. Easy to maintain. They can endure lengthy periods of drought because they are desert plants, but they should be watered once a week to hydrate the soil during the warmer seasons (with less watering during the colder months). They enjoy a lot of light, but not direct sunlight.

Coffee Plant


The coffee plant, with its attractive, glossy leaves and white blossoms that have a delightful jasmine-like aroma, can be an excellent addition to your home office. Coffee berries may appear at some point, initially green but turning dark crimson as they ripen. This tropical plant dislikes cold, dry air and loves high humidity. It requires damp but not entirely drenched soil.


Aralias are beautiful little plants with little, delicate leaves. They nearly seem like little trees. Aralias are good for adding texture to your home office and mix well with other little plants. They are easy to grow in medium to bright light (but should not be exposed to full sun). 

They require only enough water to prevent wilting and can survive without water until the top inch of soil has dried out. The fabian aralia, ming aralia, and variegated balfour aralia are three of the most frequent types of aralias.

Golden Pothos

The golden pothos has a reputation for being one of the easiest indoor plants to cultivate. It can withstand drought and thrives in a variety of lighting conditions, including low, medium, and full sun. Another stunning home plant that tops NASA's list of the 50 finest indoor air filtering plants.



A peperomia plant, with its attractive and very odd appearing leaves that look like a hybrid between a succulent and a typical houseplant, could be precisely what you need. They enjoy light, but not direct sunlight. Water your peperomia sparingly because its thick leaves are meant to tolerate drought. There are over a thousand different types of peperomia, and the leaves can be rough or smooth, and the colors can range from green to gray to red to purple.

Mini Phalaenopsis Orchid


A mini orchid is the perfect choice for the home office worker who enjoys flowers and wants a bit "girly" (yet classy) look for your decor. The best aspect is that they come in a variety of colors and are quite easy to maintain. 

Orchids thrive under bright light and gradual watering, which is commonly accomplished by putting a single ice cube to the pot once a week. Their flowers normally bloom for six to ten weeks before falling off. They are annuals, although if adequately cared for, they may bloom more frequently.

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