7 Amazing Tropical Plants to Grow Indoors or Outside

7  Amazing Tropical Plants to Grow Indoors or Outside

Homifine.com -- Tropical flowers can add texture, color, and a vibrant aroma. Even tropical plants can attract more butterflies, making your garden and home more visually appealing. Tropical plants can be used as seasonal plants that will bloom throughout the season. Here are some tropical plants that will brighten up any yard or house.



Plants produced as a result of a cross between artichoke and thistle and protea flowers, which are used in tropical flower arrangements and become long-lasting cut flowers. This tropical plant thrives in a sand and water potting mix once or twice a week. Depending on the variety, this plant can grow to be 6 to 26 feet tall.



This varied bromeliad is a pineapple-like plant with a popular gray color. This bromeliad is not fussy and tolerates a wide range of temperatures as well as neglectful watering. To grow it, use a neutral pH soil mixture as well as an airy Orchid mixture.



This popular tropical plant for home gardens is always the plant of choice. Hibiscus is a tropical plant that grows in vibrant colors and attracts butterflies. It has a lovely color scheme of orange, yellow, red, and soothing white. It can reach heights of 4 to 10 feet and widths of 3 to 6 feet.



This plant from the Mediterranean region is easy to care for and even tolerates drought and lack of watering. Full-sun bougainvillea are stunning, with flowers in red, white, yellow, purple, and orange. Throughout the season, this plant will add a splash of color to the house's yard.

Canna Lily 


The canna lily is the most popular tropical plant for these gardens and path edges. It is so drought tolerant that it barely notices it. The variety is quite numerous and tall as a tropical plant, similar to phasion. Canna lily plants require acidic soil and thrive in full sun.

Acalypha Hispida


Chenille can be grown as a beautiful house or yard plant for hanging baskets. This plant requires additional lighting with cold-resistant lamps. with the requirement for full-sun, light-loving sand, clay, and loam.



Pink maiden plants with tropical flowers that prefer shady spots in the garden are known as medinilla magnifica. Because it is easy to care for, you can bring this flower into the room. In the winter, wrap it around a dry window sill.

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