Kalanchoe Planting and Growing Advice

Kalanchoe Planting and Growing Advice

Homiful.com -- Kalanchoe is a lush plant that grows in outdoor garden beds in the tropics. This kalanchoe is 6 to 12 inches tall and has thick fresh flesh. Kalanchoe can thrive in the winter and early spring. Known the tips and how to plant it as a house plant in the following review:

Where to grow kalanchoe


Kalanchoe thrives on a sunny home windowsill. A terrace or balcony is an excellent location for growing kalanchoe in pots.

Kalanchoe planting instructions and timing


This kalanchoe, whether grown indoors or outdoors, is quite tolerant due to its low maintenance. With clay pots, use good drainage soil. Store in a location away from direct sunlight. Reduce its watering during the winter and keep it in a completely dark room to bloom in the spring.

Kalanchoe care instructions

Kalanchoe is a tolerant plant in a variety of languages. With these requirements, the treatment can be very effective:


- Requires at least 8 hours of bright indirect sunlight indoors. This kalanchoe will bloom beautifully after 6 weeks with 14 hours of darkness and about 4 month after dark.

- Watering should be done after thoroughly inspecting the soil. Kalanchoe generally requires water every two weeks. And requires a lot of water when they're blooming. This plant can tolerate late watering because because it container succulents.


- Kalanchoe can tolerate most indoor temperatures ranging from 55 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit, unless the temperatures drops below freezing, in which case it will die. And will be fine in any humidity level.

- Only apply fertilizer in the spring. This plant requires a well-balanced diet. Fertilizer should not be applied during the winter because the plants may be dormant. And use high phosphorous fertilizer if blooms are rare.



Prune it to keep it in good shape, Repotting is required to grow larger plants. Move into a larger container for easy expansion. 

Pay attention to pests and plant problems that go unnoticed, such as proper watering, proper light, and temperature below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the plant in the shade to avoid scorching and burning form the hot sun.


Kalanchoe can be propagated by removing a section of them stem. Then, dip it in root hormones to stimulate new root growth. Place in a shaded area after transplanting into an earthen-sided container. 

Grow the seeds into the top layer of porous potting mix and leaves the seeds open if you want to grow from seed. Give the sprout lights to grow and cover the container for about 10 days.

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