6 Unique And Cool Houseplants To Spice Up Your Space

6 Unique And Cool Houseplants To Spice Up Your Space

Homiful.com -- Large plants, hanging plants, plants with pretty colorful flowers. Maybe it's a common thing. In addition to the popular plants, there are quite a few plants with beautiful unique shapes. As in the following "6 Unique And Cool Houseplants To Spice Up Your Space". Are you curious? Let's check it out!

Frizzle Sizzle Plant (Albuca Spiralis)


Frizzle sizzle plant has a playful appearance because it appears to have no leaves but instead actual springs. The foliage is long and thin, and it grows directly from a big bulb that rises out of the soil; each filament then twists, much like metal shavings. Frizzle sizzle plant is also an easy to grow plant, so you won't have to put in too much effort to have this strange looking green pal on your coffee table or bookshelf.

Cooper’s Haworthia (Haworthia Cooperi)


Cooper's haworthia has an unusual and showy characteristic: it is translucent. It's a little succulent with plump leaves that resemble elongated eggs or candies. They generate beautiful rosettes that grow directly from the soil. It provides amazing light games for your inside spaces and will also bloom. Cooper's haworthia is a low-maintenance houseplant that is ideal for coffee tables and book shelves. Your children will adore this unique houseplant.

Jewel Orchid (Macodes Petola)


The jewel orchid is a South-East Asian native with the most gorgeous and distinctive foliage you can imagine. While most orchids may take your breath away with their blooms, this one will take your heart away with its broad, elliptical leaves. 

The blooms are still lovely, but they are little, with a cream white labellum and yellow to brownish petals that appear in loose clusters on upright russet brown stalks. The patterns on the leaves of the Jewel orchid will literally fascinate you and anybody you invite over for coffee.

Marimo Moss Ball (Aegagropila Linnaei)


There is nothing more unique than a fluffy, spherical pompon with no roots and free rolling: this is what a marimo moss ball looks like. The foliage has a gorgeous deep and vivid green color, made up of thickly lacked threads that form a perfect ball. This is a rare alga species that needs to be grown in a bowl or aquarium. 

It is popular for use in compositions. Imagine it in a lovely ornate vase with some colored stones to bring out the vibrancy of the plant's color. Marimo moss ball is so odd that even standard rules won't work; instead, concentrate on the water it grows in, not the soil.

Parachute Plant (Ceropegia Sandersonii)


The form of its blossoms is what makes this evergreen vine so unique. These feature a funnel-shaped white portion, but the aperture is covered by what appears to be a gothic cathedral ceiling, star-shaped, in five parts, with a wonderful pattern of deeper green dots on a brighter shade of the same hue. 

Actually, the top lid changes shape as the flower opens and matures; at first, it appears to be a parachute packed with air. The parachutes plant is an uncommon and unusual choice for a houseplant; it will easily distinguish you as a unique individual.

Wine Cup (Crassula Umbella)


Wine Cup is a houseplant that resembles a bowl, saucer, or other drinking or eating vessel. In reality, it features large, succulent circular leaves with edging rims. These are a vivid green color with a waxy feel and a glossy sheen. Each plant will only produce a handful of these unusually shaped leaves, which will rest on a short stem. 

They may resemble satellite disk stations in several ways. To complete the look, a stalk with a spike of small but vivid red blooms will emerge from the center of them. Despite its unique appearance, wine cup is a simple plant to cultivate. It is low-maintenance and durable, making it an ideal living statue for businesses and living areas.

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