Indoor Plant Care - 7 Common Houseplant Care Mistakes To Avoid - Raising crops has increased during the lockdown in recent times. And most people use various houseplants to decorate their homes and also to avoid boredom because they have to stay at home. So, we have some tips to share with you about Indoor Plant Care - 7 Common Houseplant Care Mistakes To Avoid. Let's check it out!

Lighting issues


We all know, placing the houseplant in much light or lack of light can make them die sooner or later. So, it's important to identify the houseplant that you have and how they survive. Giving much light commonly can have a negative effect on the leaves of houseplants. But, there are some houseplants that can survive in direct sunlight within a certain time.

Soil issues


Some of the soil for houseplants completely lacks the nutrients, texture, and composition to sufficiently house. And here, you must get identify the houseplant to ascertain the best soil condition.



Not all houseplants need frequent watering to thrive. Some of the houseplants just need watering when they feel dry, or once a month, it's the variety you know. But, there are similarities in this regard, they will get problems if overwatering. Because it can make the root rot and the houseplant will die or get more issues like pests or diseases.

Not check the root


The root is an important area to control houseplant growth. They bring many nutrients and moisture to keep the houseplant healthy. Unhealthy roots are when they become dark brown or black and appear mushy. They may also omit a noxious smell. And if you wanna prevent root rot, don't use the rocks or gravel at the bottom of the pots. Just make the pot has good drainage.

Grow in a crowded area (without spacing)


Overcrowding when you grow the houseplant maybe can make them get stressed and will die slowly. Like humans, houseplants also need space to survive and grow healthy. If you still wanna combine the houseplant in one container or planter, try to make enough space that also makes the plants will happy to grow and keep them in healthy condition.

Forget to repotting


Growing houseplants in a large pot or too small are not good enough. You must get attention to the houseplant's size, shape, and other conditions. So, you can select the right pot for them to grow well. And if the plant sign they need more space, it means you must repotting them in a new pot. Use a pot that has a size twice that can make the houseplant breathe and thrive.

Not clean the leaves


Besides can make the houseplant look pretty and shiny, cleaning the leaves also can increase the houseplant's healthy. As we know, plants have photosynthesis as their process. And this process mostly happens in their leaves. So, if the leaves are full of dust and never clean it, it will hinder the process of photosynthesis of houseplants.

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