Best Eye-Catching Balcony Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Space

Best Eye-Catching Balcony Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Space --  Greenery and blooms provide color and appeal to any apartment balcony, extending the comfort of your home outdoors. A collection of pots and plants will surely improve your environment, whether it is vast or tiny, sunny or dark, north-facing or east-facing. The balcony can be a relaxing area to spend time with family and friends. These "Best Eye-Catching Balcony Plants That Will Brighten Up Your Space" will help you in making your living space more attractive!

Pansies and Violas


Pansies and violas will make you cheer up with their joyful "faces" and vibrant colors ranging from deep purple to oranges and yellows! They like cooler temperatures, so plant them in the spring and they'll last until the weather gets too hot. They may also recover in the fall if wasted flowers are cut back and kept sheltered until cooler temperatures arrive. They primarily require sunlight.



These lovely annuals in pink, red, and purple look best in hanging baskets and window boxes. They are loved by hummingbirds and butterflies! Fuchsia requires complete shade. Plant fuchsias on humus-rich soil in the garden or in containers with excellent drainage using a light organic planter mix. 

Wooden or fiber pots keep the plant's roots cold and allow it to breathe. Clay pots do the same thing, although they dry out faster. Fuchsias prefer their roots to be damp but not waterlogged.



Torenia, also known as wishbone flower, is a lovely purple, pink, white, or two-tone combination that mimics snapdragons. Hummingbirds adore these trailing annuals, which bloom from spring to October. They require shade or partial sun. Choose a spot that receives early sun and afternoon shade. 

In hotter climates, full shade is preferable. There is very little upkeep required aside from watering and feeding on sometimes. Although deadheading is not required, it can promote more flowering.



This tropical climber enjoys the warmth! It comes in pinks and reds and requires a trellis to grow upright. You can bring it inside in chilly weather. Mandevilla prefers full sun, however it should be protected from scorching afternoon heat in warmer areas. 

Mandevilla like moist but not wet soil, so water frequently during hot weather. Plants in containers must be constantly monitored because they might easily dry up. Water these in the morning and again in the afternoon if necessary.



This lesser-known perennial, often known as coral bells, has dramatic leaf colors ranging from deep red to lime green to pale coral. The little flower spikes are not showy, yet the plant is eye-catching and grows nicely in pots. Heuchera need either sun or shade. Give plants enough airflow, excellent drainage, and avoid overwatering. Keep the soil wet but not soaked. 



Lobelia, a low-growing blue, purple, or white flower, looks stunning cascading from pots and baskets. It blooms well before the nights become too warm. If the plant stops flowering, cut it down and it will recover when the weather cools down. 

Lobelia prefers early sun and afternoon shade, although it can also thrive in partial shade. Water in moderation yet on a regular basis. The goal is to maintain the soil moist at all times.

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