7 Best Purple Vines to Grow as Houseplants


Homiful.com -- Purple plants are truly unique. Purple foliage and flowers add a dramatic, exotic feel wherever they are placed. You will get more by choosing purple vines that can give a magical and elegant atmosphere to any indoor setting. Purple vines will easily liven up your space.

Here are the 7 Best Purple Vines to Grow as Houseplants to get you started.

1. Tradescantia Zebrina


It's called the silver-inch plant for its ability to creep like this. Tradescantia zebrina has lance-shaped foliage in a green-purplish color with two silvery longitudinal stripes. The lower surface of the leaves is in magenta color, which adds a nice contrast. You can grow it as a hanging houseplant or let it grow this lush as a bushy hair element in a unique planter.

2. Sweet Caroline Purple


At first glance, Ipomoea 'Sweet Caroline Purple' looks like a sweet potato plant. It is a perennial vine that has dark purple foliage from June to September. The distinction is that this purple vine lacks sweet and palatable tuber as in sweet potato. Its heart-shaped foliage and creeping growth will easily jazz up patio areas with plenty of light. This plant is also quite drought-tolerant.


 3. String of Hearts


Make your choice on the string of hearts (Ceropegia). This plant is suitable for beginners as it continues to grow with neglect. It's a great plant to grow dangling with tiny, heart-shaped leaves in purplish. Place it in bright, indirect light but away from direct sunlight. Water when the soil dries out, and a string of hearts will be a curtain plant by your window.

4. Purple shamrock


Get a plant that gives a stunning bushy display of purple butterflies. Purple shamrock has purple foliage that looks like butterfly wings; it will produce small, lilac flowers to add to its beauty. Place it in a bright light for the best foliage color that will catch anyone attention.

5. Ruby' Necklace


Ruby Necklace is a succulent that grows well indoors. You can place it in a well-lit spot like a sunny window. A little light will make the leaves stay green, but more and stronger light will make the leaves a reddish purple color, that's why it's called as Ruby Necklace. The color of the leaves will brighten your day.

6. Rex Begonia Vine


Rex begonias are loved for their textured, silvery-green leaves and unique patterns. The lower leaf surface is purplish, adding an exotic color to this vine. Rex begonia vine has thin, wiry stems that can grow wrapped around a trellis or growing up on a support pole

You can also grow it in a hanging pot, with the vines cascading down the side in a waterfall-look of beautiful purplish leaves.

7. Tradescantia pallida


You may know it as purple heart plant. It has lance-shaped foliage in a dark purple color with adorable little pink flowers. This plant is so easy to grow, even in neglect. You don't need to water and fertilize it too often. Pinch back occasionally to encourage bushy growth. You can grow it in hanging basket for a beautiful cascading look.


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