8 Awesome Round Leaf Houseplants

 Homiful.com - Besides the pattern, the houseplant's shape also can make the house decoration attractive. Especially with the foliage shape with a unique color or other, it will make you have a stunning indoor garden. Let's see these 8 Awesome Round Leaf Houseplants. Check it out!

String of nickels


The string of nickels has coin-like round and flat foliage that provides coin hanging impression. Has a botanical name Dischidia nummularia, this houseplant is perfect to display in a hanging basket. It will make your room look stunning and has a natural curtain.

Hoya brevialata


The other round-leaf houseplant is Hoya brevialata. This houseplant has waxy oval round green foliage. They also produce red and white blooms with good aromatic.

Calathea orbifolia


Calathea is a popular houseplant with a unique pattern and large leaves. Their variety features wide round leathery foliage with creamy and light green stripes. You can put them in an area with humid, partial shade, and well-draining soil for good growth.

Chinese money plant


Chinese money plant or Pilea peperomioides is a lucky houseplant that popular and commonly found. They have coin-shaped and round green leaves that are perfect to improve your home and garden.

Ruffled fan palm (Licuala grandis)


Ruffled fan palm is a spectacular houseplant that can enhance your home and office. Has round shape leaves, you can place them in the medium light area. But, avoid them from direct light because it can burn the leaves.

String of turtles (Peperomia prostrata)


Part of a vining houseplant, you can grow a string of turtles in a hanging basket. This houseplant shows off round, purple-green leaves, and is patterned in white veins.

Portucalaria afra


Portucalaria afra or yellow rainbow bush is a beautiful houseplant that has a round leaf. This sprawling succulent features red-brown stems and rounded pale yellow to light green foliage with slightly pointy ends.

Variegated October Daphne (Hylotelephium sieboldii 'Mediovariegatum')


Variegated October Daphne is a houseplant that features serrated, round-shaped, and blue-purple-green foliage. You can put this succulent in an area with sunny to have pink blush on its leaves.

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