How to Grow and Care for Fittonia (Nerve Plant) -- Looking for an easy-care houseplant that's great for hanging basket, terrariums, and tabletops? Make your choice on Fittonia. Fittonia albivenis is a wonderful tropical plant that has earned the nickname 'nerve plant'. It's a plant that grow lushly with low-maintenance.

Find out about its care in How to Grow and Care for Fittonia (Nerve Plant).

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Fittonia often called as the nerve plant. The name is derived from its foliage appearance; it has dramatic contrasting foliage of green leaves veined in white, red, orange, and pink. The plant appearance reminds us of the nervous system.

Fittonia is an excellent indoor plant. You can grow them in bright, indirect light. Lower light makes the foliage lose its vibrant color. Keep it away from direct sunlight, as it will burn its leaves. Avoid areas with cold drafts and direct airflow from heaters, especially during the winter months.

Fittonia preferred watering

Fittonia loves water, but not soggy soil. You can water it when the top 50% of the soil feels dry. Fittonia will let you know if it is thirsty, its leaves will be limp and wilted. After watering, the leaves will be refreshed. So, don't worry too much.

A humidity-loving plant


Fittonia, as a tropical plant, prefers high humidity levels. The plant thrive in average room temperature but you can increase the humidity level around this plant by misting frequently, or placing a pebble tray or humidifier near it. You can also keep Fittonia close to other humidity-loving plants.

Give the plant food

Fittonia is as beautiful and lush as it gets with proper care, including feeding. Apply home fertilizer every month in the spring and summer. Fertilizer will make your Fittonia grow bushier. Just don't apply fertilizer in the fall and winter, when the plant growth is slowing down.

Additional care


Fittonia is a non-toxic plant for your pets. This plant can grow fast in the right conditions. If the stems looks leggy, pinch of the tips to encourage the fittonia to grow bushy. The flowers are a little dull, so you can pinch off the buds as well to make the foliage grow perfectly full.

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