Unique Flowers to Grow in a Proud Garden


Unique Flowers to Grow in a Proud Garden 

Homiful.com -- Many plant brag about their appearance for the sake of the garden's beauty. Planting unusual plants will attempt to liven up the interior of your garden. Not only that, but its eye-catching visuals will pique the interest of many people. Some of the plants on this list are poisonous to humans, be cautions when selecting the type.

Natalie Babbitt - Snake Lily


The snake lily that grows from this bulb is an absolutely stunning plant, with one massive leaf and one flower stem per year in the spring. This plant's pungent odor will attract flies and other pollinators. It grows in zones 6 - 11 and prefers partial light and shade.

Purple Pitcher Plant


Purple pitcher plants are one-of-a-kind specimens that thrive near ponds. This plant is best known as the venus flytrap, a carnivorous plant that traps insects in its leaves. As a tight ball, this flowers plant develops into an interesting shape.

Bird of Paradise


The colors and shapes of paradise flowers are not only appealing. This plant is called Bird of Paradise because it resemble the bird of the same name. This South African tropical plant thrives in hot, humid environments. It's lovely colors, such as orange and white, prefer full and partial sun.



Sundew is another one-of-a-kind carnivora plant. Insects will be fooled by the plant's unique shape, which includes artificial flowers and sparkling dew drops on the peduncles. Sand, moisture and acidity are required soil requirements.

Meconopsis Betonicifolia


This one-of-a-kind blue poppy flower resemble an umbrella and has a fuzzy yellow center. It blooms prominently and has a height of 4 to 5 inches. That grows with consistent moisture and not too much heat.

Iris Germanica "Batik"


Iris is the most beautiful and fragrant flower plant on the planet. This iris batik plant has a festive flower with irregular strokes and patches of purple and white mixed together. The plant grows in clumps and can reach a height of 2 feet tas an adult.

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