7 Lovely Succulents with Yellow Flowers

7 Lovely Succulents with Yellow Flowers

Homiful.com -- Succulents with yellow flowers are eye-catching as indoor or outdoor plants. A tinge of yellow will create a bright appearance and a stunning garden. With proper care, this succulent is the plant of choice for those interested in ornamental plants.

Mesembryanthemum Yellow


This cactus variety with eye-catching yellow flowers is simply incredible. Plants that work well in a rock garden or as borders along paths are ideal for welcoming flower beds in the yard.

Conophytum Flavum


This sage-colored plant has small yellow flowers and rounded stems and leaves. During the fall, its distinct body will produce flowers in the center. Plants that are active during the day are also included.



This yellow kalanchoe has thick, waxy leaves that are bluish-green and almost purple. It blooms from spring to summer and produces fragrant yellow-green flowers. This plant is a succulent that can be grown anywhere.



This lovely little succulent is a lithops, distinguished by a pair of thick fleshy leaves that bloom in the fall. Beautiful yellow flowers bloom between leaf gaps on this plant.

Hoodia Flava


During the winter, this Cactus Succulent with erect cylindrical stems and spiny Gray to brownish green color grows. 5 yellow-spotted flowers are produced per bunch.

Euphorbia Milii


This euphorbia is one of the lovely succulents with a brassy stem. This plant produces yellow flowers with seeds that are surrounded by a pair of beautiful petals with a red center. can bloom all year, especially in the spring and summer.

Pulidonis Echeveria


This lovely and one-of-a-kind succulent plant has frozen blue spoon-shaped leaves and a luxurious rose-red fringe. This plant is bell-shaped and curved at the top, with bright yellow flowers and tall peduncles.

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