6 Plant and Flower Ideas for Great Home Decoration

 Homiful.com - Beautify your home with plants and flowers. Plants or flowers are always perfect to increase the home accent, whatever the design. Read these 6 Plant and Flower Ideas for Great Home Decoration. Let's check it out!

Cryptanthus bivittatus 'pink star'


One of the spectacular houseplants, Cryptanthus bivittatus perfect for adding to your collection. Place them in a semi-shade area.  They are slow growing and have the appearance of star-like-shaped bromeliads with striking streaks of suffused green and pink on their elliptic foliage that arches downward in a rosette shape.

Coleus scutellarioides 'wall street'


As a perennial houseplant, Coleus scutellarioides 'wall street' resistances deer resistance and is tolerant to humidity. This beautiful houseplant thrives in bright light and can grow with full sun to part shade. Native to Asia and Africa, they are also low maintenance and perfect for a beginner, busy, or lazy people.



Azalea is beautiful flowers perfect decorate the home and garden. They are typically deciduous while other rhododendrons are evergreen. The flowers are funnel-shaped, somewhat two-lipped, and often fragrant.



Origine from Mexico, Calisia is a perennial plant that can grow by hanging on a basket. They also produce small fragrant, unusual white-pink flowers each on a long tendril throughout the year. And for the leaves, look fleshy, and green and may develop purple coloration in strong sunlight.

Snake plants


Snake plant or Sansevieria is a popular houseplant that can health the environment. Besides can purify the air, they also absorb the pollutant and produce oxygen at night. You can place this houseplant anywhere that makes a pretty home accent.

Geranium pink dollyvarden


Also known as fancy leaf geranium, this houseplant has brilliant leaf colors and was considered very desirable in Victorian times. They are part of a perennial houseplant and can grow in light shade areas. For watering, just water them when the topsoil is dry.

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