How to Grow Adenium (Desert Rose) at Home Easily This Spring -- There's a reason to have adenium at home. Adenium is a type of flowering succulent that will invite compliments. It has a caudex, or swollen cactus-like trunk, that can grow uniquely as a bonsai. It is known as the desert rose for its pretty flowers and is quite drought-tolerant.

Adeniums are quite easy to grow, star by knowing How to Grow Adenium (Desert Rose) at Home Easily This Spring.

Start to sow this spring

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Get going this spring! Spring is the best time to plant adenium seeds. Use a well-draining potting mix soil with perlite or a soil that has sand or gravel. You can also use succulent or cactus soil. Soak the seeds for a few house before planting them in the potting soil. Make sure to use a pot with drainage holes at the bottom.

Grow it in a sunny location

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Desert roses will bloom in the early spring or summer when you give them enough water and sun. It is a sun-loving plant, you can grow it in a place that receives 8 hours of sunlight a day. Choose a spot that doesn't get intense high noon, as it will burn the leaves. You can grow this lovely plant outdoors or indoor (in a south-facing window or sunroom).

Watering the desert rose

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Desert rose is a drought-tolerant plant. Watering a desert rose will vary with the season and temperature. During spring and summer, keep the soil moist but not soggy. During the active growing season (summer), adenium will need a lot of water, especially for the blossoms. Meanwhile, during the fall and winter, the watering intensity can be drastically reduced.

Ideal temperature for desert rose

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Adenium like warm temperatures of around 65 to 90 F. These plants can die at temperature below 50 F. During summer, you can bring adeniums outdoors. Even so, normal indoor humidity level will still make adeniums grow well.


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Desert rose is extremely vulnerable to frost and cold temperatures. When the temperature falls bellow 50 F, it will go dormant. The leaves will begin to fall. If the winter is harsh, bring the desert rose inside. Extreme cold will kill this plant. When the weather warms up enough in the spring, you can bring the desert back outside.


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Pruning will keep the desert rose healthy and manageable in size. You can remove any yellowed leaves or damaged branches. You can also prune the skinny leaves for a more beautiful plant. Do quick pruning in spring, but do not prune in winter. Winter is when this plant is not actively growing.

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