Ways To Caring The Crassula Springtime

 Homiful.com - As the name, Crassula springtime provides spring vibes with its pretty flowers. Crassula is part of a succulent with a small size, has green thick leaves, fleshy and slightly triangular in shape. And sometimes the leaves grow in small rosettes with multiple rosettes growing around the stems of the plant. To know more information, read these Ways To Caring The Crassula Springtime. Check it out!

Light and soil


Actually, Crassula springtime is an outdoor plant, rather indoor one. But, you can grow them on a sunny windowsill to receive the strong bright light for the best. To thrive Crassula, you also can place them in partial light. 

Don't place this plant in an area that doesn't receive sunlight, it will make it spindly grow and not bloom the flower. Grow Crassula in springtime in gritty and well-drained soil. And they also do well in mineral soil that has very low organic content.



Like other succulents, you can water Crassula Springtime when the soil dries out completely. But, don't be overwatering and don't sit in the water that can make this plant get some problems. Water Crassula during the growing months, from April to September. And water in sparingly when they go to dormancy months.



According to your preference, do you want the Crassula to grow lush or sleek? If you wanna growing the Crassula Springtime in lush growing, you can regularly fertilize them in the growing season and don't feed them during winter. You can use a balanced liquid that has diluted by 50%. And if you wanna sleek Crassula Springtime, do only infrequent fertilization. Fertilized them once every two weeks.



Crassula Springtime doesn't do well in cold conditions. It will make them lose their color, turning mushy and yellow. Crassula prefers to thrive in 60 to 75 F degrees.



Crassula was also susceptible to aphids and mealybugs like other succulents. And not let overwater this plant because can lead to fungal disease and can make the root rot.



Propagating the Crassula Springtime can use cutting ways. You can cut the leaves off the stem to do this. If you use leaves, make sure to take the healthy complete leaf from the mother plants. Then, replant it in well-draining soil and water when the soil dries out completely. And for stems, you can cut them about 2 to 3 inches and plant them in a pot.


As we know, propagating Crassula with seed ways is slow. You can sow the seeds in well-draining soil in autumn by mixing the seeds with some fine sand and spreading the sand on the surface of the soil uniformly. Care them with water once every few days and keep the soil moist until the plantlets appear.

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