7 Colorful Houseplants that Boost the Appeal of Your Home

7 Colorful Houseplants that Boost the Appeal of Your Home

Homiful.com -- To make the room look better. A variety of colorful houseplants will make the room look unique. Plants of various colors can also be an important decoration for the living room or bed. You can add more appeal with the type of plant that is full of charm and has brilliant leaf color. Some examples can be found in the following explanation.



Beautiful plants with thousand of varieties and colors, beautiful hanging and drooping flowers in hanging baskets, and variety of other ornamental plants are in high demand. Care that is resistant to and adaptable to different types of soil is required. Is sensitive to heat and prefers filtered light.



Oxalis is the name of this amazing foliage plant. Purple butterfly-like triangular leaves will brighten the space. Each stem has three heart-shaped leaves that are evenly spaced. The plant is known as false shamrock or a lovely love plant for hanging baskets.



Prayer plants,with their colorful and patterned leaves, have become one of the most popular types of ornamental plants. When it gets dark, this plant will fold into a praying hand shape. The velvety dark green tricolor leaves, yellow patches along the leaf midrib, and curved red veins add to the striking appearance of the space. 



Croton is a flowering plant with variegated leaves. These green, red, yellow, and orange patches are simple to care for. This plant from Southeast Asia's tropical forest grows as a shrub up to 10 feet tall. It is appropriate for home yards that have well-filtered solar lighting.



This plant with seductive pink petals has a lovely shape. It resembles a lovely butterfly. This plant is ideal for use as a houseplant because it requires little care and maintenance. It is suitable for anyone, including beginners.

Rex begonia


Begonia are the most beautiful and dramatic varieties. These plants are both exotic and simple to grow.  The foliage is a big as a candle, with shades of red, silver, green, and a few touches of purple. It prefers indirect sunlight and grows steadily.



Caladium, as one of the colorful plants, can brighten the atmosphere of the House. This plant's tropical appearance will complement a house up to 55 cm tall. Apart from being a home decoration, its benefits include purifying the air and increasing humidity.

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