6 Signs Your Houseplants Are Unhappy

6 Signs Your Houseplants Are Unhappy

Homiful.com -- One of the most difficult aspects of being a parent plant is not knowing what ferns and philodendron require. Maybe you'll figure out whether they're drowning, need sunlight, or shade. You can fix it in your own way. Beginning with yellowing leaves, few flowers, and withered stems. Here are some classic signs that your plants are unhappy, as well as how to fix them.

Burning leaves


The plant's burnt leaves will turn brown and crisp around the edges. If it caused by sunburn and is common in tropical plants that love the sun but not low humidity. Move it to more shady location with plenty of air and a low humidity room. Consider watering as frequently as possible.

Brown and crispy leaves


This is a common cause in plants. Many outdoor plants experience leaf browning and drying. Moisture is required for the sign. Water the plant to give it more attention and moisture. If only the edges are brown, this indicates that your are applying too much fertilizer. 



Unhappy plants will appear withered and drooping. If you find the plant's leaves suddenly dry and drooping on the ground, this indicates that the plant is dry. As a result, provide even watering to restore the freshness of ornamental plants. Water only when the soil is completely dry, and follow an adjusted schedule.

Little or no flowers


Flowering plants that reach full maturity but do not flower. You can even assess the treatment. Check back for lots of foliage but few flowers. Reduce nitrogen fertilizers and time them correctly during the growing season. To allow for new growth space, provide adequate lighting and dead flower fruit.

Being leggy


Decorative plants "Long -legged" refers to a tall plant that is thin and may become limp or fall. Unusual plants are tall, uneven, and require pruning. To overcome this, provide more sunlight so that nutrients are obtained and the plant is fertile and consistent. Fertilize from spring to fall.

Yellow leaves


Yellowing of the leaves is an indication that your plant is unhappy. This indicates that your ornamental plant is not getting enough air and is developing root rot. Watering should be properly schedule so that it works. Before watering, conduct a soil moisture test to determine soil moisture. If the plant dislikes moisture, water it once a week.

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