Tips and Trick To Force Anthuriums To Bloom Faster - How to make plants flower quickly can be done very easily, namely in addition to recognizing what are the obstacles and causes of plants that do not flower, namely by overcoming them using fertilizers and giving hormones. These two things of course must be considered, because when you have a garden filled with flowering plants, of course the garden will look more beautiful, lush, and comfortable. If your plants are not flowering then you can do the following Tips and Trick To Force Anthuriums To Bloom Faster below !!

High Humidity

You can place the anthurium plant in a pot that is added with a gravel medium filled with water. You only need to change this water medium twice a week. In addition, you can also place this plant near a humid place so that it can help the growth of flowering plants. If needed you can spray the plant regularly with a spray bottle used to keep the plant moist.

Proper Lighting

This anthurium plant can grow with indirect sunlight throughout the day. So you can place this plant near the window so that this plant can bloom optimally. For another way that you can do is to use a sun lamp with a timer to increase light exposure. Avoid exposing this plant to direct sunlight as this can cause the plant to burn.

Change Watering


You can change the watering schedule in summer. You can water anthuriums every other day. In addition, you can also water when the soil of this plant feels a little dry. Because anthurium plants are accustomed to moisture so it is very important to maintain the humidity of this plant.

Prune The Plant


You can regularly prune the leaves and flowers of this plant. So that it will maximize the growth and development of this plant. Use clean pruning shears so that it will not cause decay in anthuriums plants. You can do pruning once a week or when you feel the leaves and flowers are withered and dry.


Tips and tricks that you can do to make plants bloom faster is by fertilizing. You can use phosphorus-rich liquid fertilizers that will accelerate the growth and development of anthurium plants. By fertilizing, it will certainly speed up the process of blooming flowers from anthurium plants.

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