8 Ideas to Create a ''Relaxing Corner'' in Your Garden

Homiful.com -- When boredom strikes, it would be nice to go the relaxing corner to get some fresh air, chat, and get new inspiration. No matter how big or small your garden is, having a relaxing corner will provide you with a simple, refreshing atmosphere that you can enjoy at home. It's also a great idea for improving your garden landscaping.

Let's look at these 8 Ideas to Create a ''Relaxing Corner'' in Your Garden.

1. A relaxing corner with green vibe

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A corner with bushes that you grow, especially lavender that gives off a soothing fragrance. That would be a nice corner spot. You can create a simple relaxation corner there. Using a brick floor to make it more comfortable and less muddy.

2. Romantic relaxing corner

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Make a garden corner that suit your mood. Use the sloped rock border to place small candles to create a more romantic atmosphere, especially at dusk. The warm light gently illuminates the plants around it. A simple, relaxing corner is made more beautiful with ideas like this.

3. Corner island in the garden

@ Better Homes

Create a 'relaxing island' in a corner of your garden. Start by defining the zone in a circle and cover the ground with sand or gravel. Bring out outdoor lounge chairs and shade the corner by letting vines flourish over the backyard fence.

4. Big parasol to shade you


The L-shaped corner against the backyard fence can be your best relaxing corner. Bringing in more outdoor seating allows you to invite more people outside to enjoy the summer in the garden. Hey, if it's hot enough, put up a big umbrella or parasol that will shade your relaxing seating.

5. Install wooden decks between the trees


You're lucky if you have a garden with strong trees. The trees can work as shade. To make it more perfect you can install wooden floor decks between the trees. It's big enough for you to enjoy the fresh garden air. You can also bring flowering potted plants that beautify this corner of your garden.

6. A place to be alone

@Better Homes and Garden

Get a solitary place for you to contemplate or just take a nap comfortably. Install a hammock in a relaxing corner of your garden area. Make sure it's firmly attached and able to hold your weight; that way, a relaxing and simple garden corner can be easily created at home.

7. Relaxing corner with tree swing

@Erin Anderson

Create a cozy outdoor corner in the garden. You can make the space under the tree a gathering spot to enjoy the night air. Install a tree swing to swing casually there, and also install garden lights to provide warm lighting at night.

8. Adding interest with pool

You can make the most of this large corner of the garden, as shown. The corner is designed with a wooden deck surrounded by shrubs and outdoor succulents. Bring sun loungers to enjoy the morning sun comfortably. This relaxing corner is made even more perfect with a water feature that doubles up the freshness to cool down here.

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