How to Easily Grow Amaryllis Bulbs

How to Easily Grow Amaryllis Bulbs -- Amaryllis is an easy-care ornamental plant for the yard or indoors that will brighten the interior of the house, including the window sill, during the winter. This amaryllis grows more quickly from multiple tubers.

With beautiful blooms full of  joy. Only the bulbs of this plant will grow well in pots. Regular watering and indirect lighting are required. The majority of these plants will begin flowering 6 to 8 weeks after planting. There are several simple ways to grow amaryllis bulbs.


Plant amaryllis bulbs in fairly heavy 6 - 8 inch pots, as the flower's weight can cause the planter to topple over. Plant the tuber with the pointed end down into the potting mix. Cover the tuber gently  with soil, leaving about one-third of the tuber visible from above and the soil line. Any soil mixture can be used, but not from the garden because it does no have good water flow.


Take not of the Amaryllis plant's location; this plant dislike bright and direct light. Save water after it has grown about 2 inches from the new plant's growth. Only then can it be watered on a regular basis. As the plant grows, rotate the pot on a regular basis to ensure even lighting and to encourage the stalk to grow straight.
Amaryllis produces flower buds at the top of each stalk, which is both attractive and dramatic. It is critical to keep this flower away from direct sunlight in order for it to bloom for an extended period of time.

Amaryllis bloom season


Understand when and what is the best time for amaryllis to bloom. It usually takes 6 - 8 weeks, but check the variety label to see if it blooms sooner or later.

Planting date Bloom timeframe
Oct. 15         Nov. 19 Dec. 10
Nov. 1         Dec. 6 – 27
Nov. 15         Dec. 20-Jan. 10
Dec. 1         Jan. 6 – 28
Dec. 15     Jan. 19 Feb.9
Jan. 1         Feb. 6 - 26
Jan. 15         Feb. 19-March 12
Feb. 1         March 8 – 29
Feb. 15      April 5 -  26


Amaryllis can sprout from the leaves first, with flower stalks appearing later. Amaryllis require buds in order to flower. As with any other plant, fertilizer should be applied. Amaryllis has beautiful flowers and is even popular as a cut flower that can last for weeks in a vase. If you notice Amaryllis flowers fading, carefully cut them.


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