Ideas To Boost Your Home with These 6 Houseplant Collections - Place the houseplant indoors make enhance the appearance and air quality. Not always large houseplants to do it, you can get small and cute houseplants to decorate your home area. Here we have Ideas To Boost Your Home with These 6 Houseplant Collections. Check it out!

Tradescantia nanouk


Tradescantia nanouk or most known as Fantasy Venice is a good houseplant that can grow lush and also grow on the tabletop as a cute houseplant. The leaves have pink, white, purple, and green stripes patterns. This houseplant is colorful, attractive, and easy to grow. So, you can use them to decorate the living room area or other for pretty looks.

Portulacaria afra


Part of low maintenance houseplant, Portulacaria afra is a perennial succulent shrub that is found in South Africa. This houseplant sometimes can call with elephant bush and they are easy to grow as seasonal accent plants. You can grow them in a cute and small pot and put them on a tabletop or above the cabinet.



Philodendron is a popular houseplant that is commonly found. The name also means 'tree-loving' due to the fact that the vining types of this plant "embrace" tree trunks in South American rainforests. You can grow this houseplant in a pot or climb it on the ceiling or windowsill for stunning indoor decoration.

Succulents (Burro's Tail)


Add your indoor collection with other popular houseplants, and succulents. Many varieties of succulents make us confused to choose. If you wanna hang or climbing effect, you can try Burro's tail or Donkey's tail. This houseplant has a stem that can reach up to 3 feet in length and is packed with gray-green leaves about the size and shape of a plump grain of rice. 

Acacia podalyriifolia


Part of the perennial tree, Acacia podalyriifolia is a houseplant that fast-growing and native to Australia. Acacia has phyllodes rather than true leaves. They can grow to 20 feet tall and 15 feet wide with silvery gray round and small, fluffy clusters of bright yellow flowers in winter to early spring.

Geranium viva madeleine


Geranium viva madeleine is a houseplant that is suitable to decorate your indoor or office area. They can bloom with double white flowers and can thrive in a normal room environment. Place them in bright, even in direct sunlight.

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