6 Most Popular String Succulents to Hang

Homiful.com -- There are many types of succulents that you can grow at home. However, don't miss out on having on of these string succulents at home. String succulents that grow foliage or thick parts that can be dangle down will be a charming living decor in your home or outdoor space. Find out about top 6 most popular string succulents to hang.

String of Nickels


String of nickels is another name for Dichidi nummularia. This string succulent is grown for their strands of round, green leaves that resemble small coins hanging from a cord. String of nickle grows fast; you can make it as a curtain plant near the window. When the soil dries out, it's a good sign to water the string of nickle.

Kalanchoe Uniflora


Kalanchoe uniflora is a beautiful trailing succulent. You may know this plant as coral bells or coral berries. It has thick leaves on its long cords with pretty pink flower tips. The flower at the end create an impressive display for a houseplant. This plant prefers full sun to partial shade. Allow the soil to dry during watering schedule.

String of Pearls


A string of pearls is a great hanging succulent for your home. This succulent grows well in both warm and dry condition. The lush green, pearl-like round leaves are usually used as a natural curtain near the window. Unfortunately, these re short-lived plants; string of pearls only live three to five years before dying.

Sedum makinoi


Sedum makinoi is known as stonecrop. It is a low-growing type of succulent that has slender, creeping stems with fleshy green leaves. Sedum makinoi can reach a height of 4 inches (10 cm). They will bloom with beautiful yellow star-shaped flowers in mid-summer. A succulent that can be used as a hanging bowl plant in your home.

Rhipsalis baccifera


Rhipsalis baccifera, you might call it mistletoe cactus. It is a type of epiphytic hanging cactus that is very easy to grow. The plant is native to Central and South America. Grow this plan in a hanging planter or wall-mounted planter. The stem will grow long and become the hair ornament for your unique planter. 

Sedum burro tail


Burro's tail cactus is a popular succulent whose thick stems that look they're woven with its fleshy leaves. This plant is also known as a drought-tolerant succulent. You can grow it  hanging or grow it dangling in a large container as shown. This is a great succulent for patios with full sun.

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