Best Fruit Peels for Plant Fertilization

Best Fruit Peels for Plant Fertilization -- Using some of the best fruit peels to grow your plants and vegetables is the best organic figs you can do. Instead of throwing away the skin, you can use it as plant fertilizer, reducing the amount of household waste. Fruits clits are high in nutrients, macroelements, and microelements. By utilizing some selected fruit peels, you can see some good suggestions below:

Orange peels 


Orange peel, in addition to repelling mosquitoes due to its odor, can fertilize plants and repair damaged soil structure, iron, potassium, and citric acid are all found in orange peel. You can either grind the orange peel with water or simply sprinkle it on the plant's soil.

Pomegranate peels


Pomegranate contains a lot of potassium, iron, calcium, copper, zinc, and phosphorus. Pomegranate peels can boost soil nutrient content, increase crop yields, and aid in the production of leaves and fruit. You can puree it with a glass of water after cutting it into 4 - 5 small pieces. For watering plants, dilute this thick pomegranate peel paste.

Lemon peels


Lemon peel contains a lot of phosphorus, nitrogen, and potassium. This organic compost is an excellent way to reduce waste while also benefiting plants. The orange peel should be dried and ground into a powder. Then sprinkle it on the ground or mix it with the water you're watering.

Apple peeling


Plant growth necessitates the use of appropriate fertilizers, one of which is apple peel. Contains a lot of vitamin A, C, iron, Phosphorus, and potassium to help plants grown in general. You can compost the apple peel or make apple peel powder with it.

Banana Peel


Banana are high in potassium and magnesium, as well as vitamin C. This plant can help encourage plants, increase flowering and fruiting by adding banana peels to the soil or planter. Add banana peels to the compost pile for addition nutrient content. Some house plants or vegetables, such as peppers, chili peppers, and potatoes, can be grown in this container.

Mango peels


Plants high in this vitamin will also serve as organic fertilizer for plants. Mango peel container vitamin A, C, B6, Folate, dietary fiber, and copper, making it an excellent organic fertilizer for plants. This mango skin will increase interest, fertilization, and is also beneficial to vegetable.

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